The Battle of Two Yi 乙

Malaysia is going to the polls this May 9 for their 14th General Elections. This time it will be a fight primarily between two major coalitions. Barisan Nasional (BN), the National Front which is the current ruling government which has govern Malaysia since independence from the British in 1957. Prime Minister DS Najib will be leading the national front to face this coming general elections.

On the opposing force is the Pakatan Harapan (PH) or Alliance of Hope is made up as a loose coalition of parties such as PPBM lead by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir, Parti Keadilan lead by DS Anwar Ibrahim currently serving his prison term, the DAP lead by its secretary general, Lim Guan Eng who is also the Chief Minister of Penang state and Parti Amanah lead by Mat Sabu. The current de-facto leader of PH is Tun Dr Mahathir.

Just before the announcement of the dissolution of the parliment, Tun Dr M party, PPBM has been de-registered by the Registrar of Society. Thus now they will stand as independent candidates.

PM Najib Razak is riddled with his famous 1MDB scandal something his former boss, Tun Dr Mahathir is accusing him of wrong doing and bringing shame to Malaysia since this case is mentioned by many countries including the USA, Switzerland, Singapore and few others.

This general election is seen as the mother of all elections because of a few reasons. First many Malaysian are seeing PM Najib Razak tightening the laws to keep him in power, failure to oust the BN will, in their fear, bring the end of democracy to Malaysia. Tun Dr M is already 92 and he is seen as the only person able to bring about the rural Malays support. Malay race are the major race in Malaysia and due to delineation of election boundaries, also known as gerrymandering, will be of huge advantage to BN to win the elections and govern Malaysia for 60 years. Opposition MP, Rafizi has shown how gerrymandering is working towards BN unfair advantage.

Why Malays are the deciding race in the elections? It is because Malaysia although is a multi racial country but its policy are largely seen as divided according to race and religion. Race and religion is the key agenda in Malaysian politics, thus Dr M is thought as the man of caliber and stature to bring about the change in their mindset and perhaps in the near future new reforms.

The Clash of Yi Titans

Putting the other factors aside, how does astrology charts of both key leader reveal their chances and potential? 【The important Time of birth data is not available

The BaZi Natal Charts – The Destiny Chart

From the Bazi perspective, both of them are Yi Day masters and born in the same month of the Goat, Wei 未. Yi wood are also the yin wood element which are known to be very adaptable and survivalist by nature. They too have the people factor and admiration where ever they go. Yi are also known as witty and creative people.

Born in the end season of Summer, this Yi 乙 is under intense pressure of the summer heat. At the same time, the yin earth inside the Wei is also the Wealth God if you know the 10 Gods well. Tun Dr M has 3 in the form of two Wei 未 and one Chou 丑 where as PM Najib has only the Wei.

Then Tun Dr M has another Yi which is known as the Friend God since they are of the same element. Friend god 比肩 can be an ally or a foe depending on the structure of the Bazi. In this case, the Yi is a friend thus Dr M enjoys good peers support because they admire his ability or nobility.

However, PM Najib has the Si 巳 (Snake) in the Year Branch which endows him with good oratory skills and outspokenness. The reason is that the Si is the Hurt Officer 伤官 god. This is one of his talent that gave him a distinct advantage. The only guy who can match him is DS Anwar who is also a talented speaker.

The Useful God 用神

In this kind of environment, the Yi wood badly needs the water. Tun Dr M has Gui 癸 while PM Najib has Gui and Hai 亥 waters. Water produces Wood and thus Water is known as the Seal 印 or to some school the Resource element. Which resource will be good and which will be unfavorable or perhaps both types are usable? This will depend which school of Bazi the practitioner comes from.

The Major Luck Cycle 大运

After we access the destiny natal chart, lets scan through the major luck cycle. Tun M is currently going through the luck of Gui You 癸酉 entering since last year while PM Najib is ending this current luck pillar of Gui Chou 癸丑. Both has additional waters supporting them from the Major Luck cycle. Thus who will reign ? Of course the one that has the rising luck!

The answer lies very much in the Hour of birth because this is the only unknown factor. Why the hour of birth is so important? 3 reasons

  1. The hour can change the structure of the chart.
  2. The hour represents the last years of one’s life journey.
  3. The hour represents the career of one’s life.

Who will reign supreme in the Astrology Chart battle? The answer my friend lies in the hour. So the real battle will be in the hour of each chart.

However it is, the battle for the future of Malaysia will be known on May 9th, something the entire nation is looking forward to for a brighter, better governance, progressive, fairer and a harmonious future.



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