Gambling Luck

Most people, one way or another, would hope that some day money falls from the sky, without really working hard for it.  This is what we call a windfall, a symbol of reaping without sowing.  However, not everyone is fated to win a lottery or any game of chance.  But why is it some people have better luck than others?  

Please bear in mind that we do NOT encourage gambling here, as the below information is just for sharing only.

What are the Bazi stars that can contribute to gambling luck?  You would definitely need Indirect Wealth star as well as Output stars, in particular, Eating God 食神. Output star is a wealth generating machine as it produces Wealth.  According to our nature’s way of reading Bazi, not all output elements can produce wealth elements.  Those that are not suppose to produce but did produce, then it is indirect or improper way of producing, that is, using other methods of producing. I know it all sound very confusing, but if you do understand the nature way of producing, then you will understand why it is so.

This is a chart of a Jia 甲 Wood lady.  She has strong Indirect Wealth 偏财 stars. The Indirect Wealth of Wu 戊 Earth is at Year Stem rooted in Dog 戌 Year Branch with minor roots in both Snakes 巳 and Monkey 申.  Hence the Indirect Wealth star are located in all the four branches.  In addition to the Wealth star, she also has very strong Eating God star of Bing 丙 Fire in Snake 巳 at Month Branch supporting the Wealth elements.  And also the Hurting Officer star of Ding 丁 Fire at Month Stem to support the Wealth.

Because the elements of output and wealth do not comply to the Nature’s rule, one is likely to earn money from the improper way. When wealth is acquired in accordance to Nature’s way, then it will be favourable, by real genuine effort and thus lasting.

Having said that, not all Indirect way of Producing in a bazi chart has gambling luck.  You need to have noble elements and useful elements to go with it.  And this lady has them.  

Cheers, Auntie Rose

2 thoughts on “Gambling Luck”

  1. Hi Aunty Rose,

    This is only applicable if it’s a strong DM? I understood that wealth stars along with output stars to a weak DM are not favourable. Thank you for your articles- I thoroughly enjoy them.

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