How To Read Bazi In 5 Seconds – Part 1

Over the years we get questions from students whom had studied from various schools of BaZi and they share with us teachers and ask for our verification. Here are 3 example of questions that suggests one can read Bazi in 5 seconds.

Question 1 – Can I go into property venture?

Common Answer – Look for Earth elements as primary, wealth as second as a gauge for suitability in his field for example.

Question 2 – Can I do Analytical work ?

Common Answer – Look for “Resource” element, the element that produces the Day Master. If there exist a few of them yes, you can be in such job, if not, better skip this job as it will bore you to death.

Question 3 – What can be construed as Speaking, teaching or coaching trait ?

Common Answer – Look for “Hurting Officer”, the element that gives you on stage ability. If not then maybe on stage work is not suitable for you. You only have “Eating God” thus preferably work back stage. Teaching look for wood element. If your Bazi has healthy quantity of wood, yes you can be a teacher. If lack of wood, then look for fire element to give you that bursting wow factor needed to impress your audience.

Disclaimer: As a responsible Bazi Consultant and teacher, the above does not represent our practice nor believe. We do not claim any responsibilities as a result of the above sharing.

The impression was – 5 seconds is all you to dispense a destiny advice it seems. However, there is a moral obligation as these advises will affect their future decisions. Unless they value their live cheaply, then there is no further comments needed but if they think their future is valuable, then take it with a pinch of salt. In part 2 we will share with you why from the traditionalist point of view, it is not that straight forward and sometimes detrimental.

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