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Now you can learn Bazi Online via Distant Learning Program 

What is BaZi?

Bazi is a Chinese art of Destiny Analysis. When we are born, we are given a set of energies that make us what we are today or in the future. Destiny has two portions to it. One is the Fate part and the other is the Character part. Knowing our destiny has a few advantages. One is to allow us to know when our good and bad periods are and to assist us in making wiser decisions. It also helps us understand ourselves (as in our destiny) so that the truth will set us free.

With all these information, we can be on the shortest route to improve and better our lives may it be wealth, health, relationship and so. This is the reason why ancient Chinese sages and astrologers spent their lifetime seeking our this wonderful and mysterious tool for us to use.

BaziCycle.jpgThe idea here is to let us be informed of what is coming so we do not put ourselves in a disadvantage position only to find out the hard way.

By understanding our Bazi, we can alter or improve our Destiny and take advantage of our strengths.

However, the since the popularization of this art, many courses has been offered and many till today has been to advance levels still have difficulty reading Bazi. This is happening because there are many “missing links” in the Bazi concept that was not taught and some concepts were outdated. Some schools have included too many concepts that were not necessary to reading Bazi. This creates an information overload and leads to confusion.

This syllabus is designed to allow students to learn how to read Bazi with all the necessary information and yet not too burdening. Sometimes too much of unnecessary information kills the learning. This is also a reason why many still cannot read Bazi. We at BaziConsult believe everyone should be able to read Bazi and find ways to help themselves improve. 

From our success in Bazi Class as well as consulting experience, we decided to offer this usable and profound tool to those who cannot make it to Malaysia for class. Good knowledge is good to share so that many will have a chance to benefit and improve their lives and thus we have you the student in mind because we were once a beginner and still a student of this fantastic ancient art. 

We endeavour to teach students how read Bazi the Correct Way.

It is also packed with the essential knowledge that not many understands well. For example, what actually determines the strength of the Day Master ? There are so many confusing system but it is actually very easy. There are many more of such example to be detailed here.

Destiny analysis is lifelong study and thus having the correct and strong foundation is vital for later success. Our aim here is to prepare students to have a strong foundation in the basics so that as they advance in the study, they can be able to read even deeper Bazi. 

You may read more about Bazi here.

Objective on learning Bazi Online

This is a course designed to help students learn the correct way and the proper way to learn Bazi. At the end of this course, one is able to understand the basics of Bazi and even start to read basic Bazi.

This is suitable for those are interested in art of Destiny analysis, business people who wants to understand themselves better and their competitor, motivators, counselors, HR personnel involved in hiring & mothers who whats to plan for their children’s future and even aspiring Destiny Consultants.

“Leaders Do Not Follow The Common Path”

Here is what our Bazi online student from South America has to say…I’m very glad to have learned from you. It has helped me to understand many things about Bazi.
Thank you very much!   Wish you the best!. – Flavio 🇧🇷

Thank you very much for on-line beginner’s course , It was very understandable and I really hope I will manage to come one day to you to attend some courses alive. – BK

“I love Alan Chong’s teaching methods because it makes easier for me to understand Bazi deeper and more sense. What he teaches using natural theory of noble elements and their interaction will make it easier for us to learn Bazi. Such things are rarely seen or we know from other English Bazi masters. By following the course I am sure it will be easier to understand Bazi for next level. Greetings Success for Bazi Consult!” – Aries

I have never written a review before nor a testimonial. So this will be the first. At a very young age I have always been intrigued by the ability and accuracy of CM practitioners to decipher a person’s destiny and accurately predict events that will unfold.I told myself one day I will learn how they do it and if we use the knowledge wisely it will benefit to oneself and people around you and  community at large.  It is not easy to find a teacher more so someone whom will impart their knowledge whole heartedly. A little about 7 yrs ago I started collecting a series of BZ books by a famous CM figure. I have read the basic books over 8 times ( but never able to proceed beyond the first basic book)  and in the years to come collected a good collection of his stuff. I have since send the collection back to my dungeon. About 4 months ago after much pondering I decided to give it a fair go with Alan’s BZ Distance Learning program. At first glance, some of the materials were similar to the collections I have. I have re read the notes multiple times but met with little success until in my desperation, I requested Alan for a special review class. On that occasion, he gave me the keys to the safe deposit and suddenly my brain started to “bling bling”.

The concept of using nature in deciphering a person’s BZ is truly phenomenal. I have since tested this new found knowledge on numerous occasions and so far I have been met with success and  a good degree of accuracy. Some of the people that have requested a reading (I did warn them I am only a beginner so there are a lot I haven’t master) ended up “jaw dropped” how we able to pick certain aspects of their life by just a quick view of their BZ chart. The most impressive of all is, it is only a beginner course !!!!  Alan has since become a friend and a mentor. I look forward to furthering my studies with him in BZ and other CM arts……  Choo, Australia.

Read what our Student say about our Practitioner course 1 here.  Testimonial


  1. Yin-Yang
  2. 5 Elements
  3. Heavenly Stems & Application
  4. Earthly Branches & Application
  5. Hidden Heavenly Stems
  6. Seasons
  7. 60 Jia Zi
  8. Plotting our Bazi & Concept of Time
  9. Clashes & Combines
  10. Harms, Destruction & Punishment
  11. Noble Elements
  12. Palaces
  13. 10 Gods Introduction & Application
  14. Strength of Day Master


  1. Reading Character
  2. Reading Events
  3. Access Favorable elements
  4. Access Quality of Chart
  5. Access Strength of Day Master
  6. Reading Relationship
  7. Reading Career
  8. Reading Age
  9. Case Studies

“Similar syllabus but vastly different content.”

Course Journey

Entry Module (Distance Learning) >> Intermediate 1& 2 (Live Class) >> Advance (Live Class)


Course Duration

This is a self paced course and may vary from 1 to 3 months depending on student’s time commitment. Students are advised to take their time to master the basics of this art instead of rushing it through. However, too long loses the momentum which may cause students to lose focus.


After some years of success in our classroom format, we have decided to make available to students who have difficulty to travel to Malaysia. This is an Online / Distant learning program where student will receive the self study material via email.

Student will study the material & at the end of each chapter there are some exercises to test student’s own understanding. Students are to email their test exercise to us for evaluation. This is to ensure student have understood the lessons.

There will also be 1 section where there will be a short lecture via voice call such as Whatsapps, Viber, WeChat, Facetime, Facebook Chat etc. 

At the end of each chapter students can email for questions or clarification (Q&A).

The course ends with Case Studies to Help Students learn how to read Bazi.

The examination is in the format of a real person’s bazi and student will have to tell something about the bazi. There is no pass or fail but rather to allow us to understand the level of proficiency of the student. Thus we do not encourage students to rush through the course.

A good timing would be between 1-1.5 months to complete the course.

Level of Proficiency

This class can actually allow students to read basic BaZi already. Student can assess character of a person, some prediction of marriage, wealth factors, career prospects etc.


At the end of this course a Certificate will be given.  

For Inquiries please email

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