Our Bazi Books

The Best Bazi Learning Book

It is called The Correct Way of Understanding A Person’s Destiny (soft cover hard copy).

This book will shift your paradigm in Bazi study. The most available book in English is usually either from Joey Yap Bazi or Lilian Too Phat Chee books. There are alternative easier and effective methods such as this book. If you are interested in perfecting the art of Bazi Analysis, this is one book you should never miss. It’s knowledge that completes your knowledge in Bazi analysis.

Easy to read and yet so important for one to build a strong foundation for Bazi Reading. It introduces many missing concepts that hamper bazi analysis. Why till today, many are still unable to read Bazi? An honest person will admit, there are missing links to allow a consistent accuracy in reading.

You may order to baziconsult@gmail.com or fill the form below and we can post anywhere in Malaysia for RM52/book (Klang Valley) and RM60 (outside Klang valley, Sabah, Sarawak) (including postage).

Payment method: Public Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Note: For non-Malaysian,  you may also purchase the E-book version at Destinyempire.com

Some Reviews from Readers:

From UK: Thanks for all your help, I have been working through the books and they are very good, I’ve picked up other Bazi books before and although interesting, have not been as clearly structured as these, so thank you very much for making them available.

From Malaysia: Thanks for prompt service! The book is significant better than  JY book 1 and book 2. Anyway, please tell Master Benson to keep up his good works in translating classical 4 pillars text. All the best!

From Malaysia Sheum: Excellent, know more things now. Thanks for the recommendation.

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      1. May I know whether what are the books which I can borrow in the Singapore public eye library

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