Our Past Classes…

Covid Class….Intermediate 1
Manila 2020
Students from as far as Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. Thank you all for trusting in us and we are all glad you are able to read Bazi better today. BaZi Intermediate2.
Bazi Intermediate 1 class of 己亥 year. On spot unplugged Bazi reading.
After long time postings photos….Happy to post again with students from as far as Singapore.

Nice Remembrance and all are proud graduates of Destiny Empire / BaZiConsult Bazi (八字) Courses.

Our recent Bazi For Beginners Class…


Autumn of 2016 Class –

Organiser’s feedback : They are very enthusiastic in Bazi. They are very happy to learn from you.


Apr16 BaziClass
When Students are Happy, So are we!

Bazi course Sept15

Apr 2015 Class
Students from North and South of Malaysia!

Bazi KK 2014

BaziConsult Class

BaziConsult02      BFB01


— ++ —

Bazi Class of 2018 ….after long time not posting photos with students from as far as Singapore.

2 thoughts on “Our Past Classes…”

  1. Attending Master Alan’s class is always great. He has made learning bazi so much fun and easy to understand and apply. Lots of case study, lessons is so well structured, explanation is crystal clear, and Master Alan has been very patiently answering all questions posted and make sure every student is well learnt. Grateful for the opportunity to learn from this great sifu. Thank you, Master Alan!

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