Major Luck Cycle

Chinese say that Destiny is first while Luck comes second whilst Feng shui comes in only third. 一命二运三风水

Destiny can be read from our Natal Chart 命盘 while Luck cycle changes every 10 years. Thus the role of Major Luck 大运 is second to Destiny indicates it’s importance and significance in our lives. Sometimes we may be born with an average destiny but with a favourable luck cycle, life can be as fulfilling as well.

Of course this comes with a time limit since each luck cycle only last 10 years. Some people have major luck that last 20 years and I have seen some with as long as 40 years or 4 cycles. Most people takes about 3 years to earn their first million so a good luck cycle is enough to make your first bucket of gold. The rest is up to how you want make good use of the wealth.

So how significant is the effect of a Major Luck Cycle can have on us?

Bazi Case Study

A good example is the case of George Saunders:

Man Booker Prize: George Saunders wins for “Lincoln in the Bardo”.

In an interview with BBC, George said he had conceived this idea 20 years ago but all the while he was skeptical about the idea. Later during this luck he decided to launch his book in Feb of 2017 Ding You year.

In October of the same year, he won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for his book. Astrologically how do we see this possibly coming?

Gui 癸 DM born in the winter Hai 亥 month sees a strong Water energy. The presence of strong Earth in the Year Pillar as well as the Day Branch helped stabilize the water energy.

The coming of Ding You 丁酉 (2017) caused a Si-You-Chou 巳酉丑 combo of metal element. Metal element is the Resource of Gui DM and often Resource is the fame factor. Ding fire is also the Wealth to the Gui Day Master. Thus with wealth and fame in the luck cycle, well this is surely a good year for him.


I am not going to dwell deeper into the analysis how to determine the useful element as they are covered in our Practitioner Class.

Just 1 year and that’s it! Same year to launch and same year for award & recognition, what a great and progressing year!. Sometimes we just need that one big pull off, don’t we?

We always ask when will our turn be. The answer is in the Time. When the time is here, everything will be aligned for us just like the wind blowing in the direction of our ship. You will meet the right people with the right abilities in the right place at the RIGHT TIME.

Why some people do better than others in the same industry is because they have better Bazi Chart as well in a Good Luck cycle. Hard work is given of course, that we need not dispute.

Hope you have a feel what a good luck cycle can do and if you feel you are in one, enjoy every moment you have and plan for the rainy days. If it worries you then get yourself a Bazi Consultation so you can plan ahead.






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    1. You have to plot your Date of birth and Time of birth using a Bazi Calculator. To interpret you need to learn it or find someone who can interpret correctly for you.

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