Uncivilized Punishment

Punishment is one of the core of many Bazi school. It is supposed to bring negative events to the chart. There are many types of punishments ranging from Self Punish, Ungrateful Punish, Bully Punish and Uncivilized Punish.

Today I will choose to discuss about Uncivilized Punish. The chinese character is 无礼之刑. Uncivilized Punishment is touted as the holy grail of all Punishments. It is defined as when a Mao 卯 (Rabbit) sees a Zi 子 (Rat) or vice versa any where in the Bazi chart. Here is an example.

example of Mao see a Zi – Uncivilized Punishment

This year is the year of Metal Rat or Geng Zi 庚子. Thus those born in the Rabbit year will surely (100% qualified) face this Uncivilized Punish problem. If you have a Mao anywhere in the Month, Day or Hour you fulfilled this theory.

In the same logic when the year of Mao comes, those born in the year of the Rat will have this problem too. Thus 12 branches running continuously, with 4 Pillars, chances are pretty high we will meet one in 12 years.

So what does it says about uncivilized punishment? there are many meaning attached it ranging from bad physical treatment, promiscuity, tortured, murdered, molested, raped or worse incest.

What is your experience? we love to hear from you folks as to how true is this theory as taught by many other Bazi schools. For a start, my household had 2 person born in the Mao year while I have a student also born in the year of Mao and nothing that sort has happened to them and we are just 4 days to crossing over to Ox year. Let us know so we can have some stats.

Anything less than 50% I will just take it as a coincidental or related to other matters since for me to accept it as a truth it should be at least by at 51 cases happening out of a hundred, preferably 70%. To have 100% is impossible in metaphysics subjects since in metaphysics, there is no absolute correct. Even gold is never guaranteed 100% pure.


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