Hear it out from our students who either has no Bazi knowledge background or even the more seasoned ones who have graduated from various BaZi programs, after attending our course, they finally see light at the end of the tunnel…Hearty Congratulations !

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I had to fly in from Singapore to attend Master Chong’s beginner Bazi class and I did not regret it. Nothing describes my learning journey better than the traditional saying, that to obtain the authentic scriptures, one must be willing to travel the miles.

As a beginner in Bazi reading, I came to realize that having the correct fundamental is important. Master Chong helped clarify common myths and misconceptions about Bazi, many which I previously read from various online sources and books. He was willing to share his personal reading experiences and also welcomed open Question-and-Answer during the class.

Despite a beginner course, Master Chong made sure to incorporate important topic such as the Useful Gods. Many literatures I encountered in the past usually defer the topic of Useful Gods to more advanced Bazi.

I found that without discussing the concept of Useful Gods it is difficult to grasp certain relationships in Bazi interaction. By the end of the course, I was able to adopt a systematic approach and make more meaningful Bazi readings.

Most importantly, I now feel more confident that my knowledge in Bazi is substantiated by a lineage master and his practical experience. I thank Master Chong for passing down his knowledge and will definitely be attending his follow-up courses. -Y.Xian, Aug 2019

I have attended a crash course in Singapore previously. But after attending Alan’s class, I realised my theory is all wrong. Alan took a lot of efforts to explain the basic of Ba Zi, and apply in real life situations. 

I will definitely come back again if there is a refresher course or intermediate. 

Thank u for bringing us to all the good foods! – Evelyn Ng, Spore

The intermediate one course is packed with a lot more information than the basic course, and is a necessary progression to the next stage of my Bazi study. At the end of the course, one would be able to determine more accurately the quality of a person’s chart, and in particular, wealth and marriage quality. As usual Master Alan reinforced his teachings with examples provided by students (some are really interesting) on the last day of the course, allowing students to practice what they have learnt. Kenny, S’pore

Master Alan has introduced more advance concepts and clarified the myths of reading Bazi during this intermediate one class. I benefited a lot as I began to practice reading Bazi charts more accurately. Jeff Lee, M’sia 

I attended Master Alan’s 3-day Bazi Foundation course in May 2019. It had been on my agenda for a year, and it was a fantastic decision to come.

I had some knowledge of Bazi from previous self study, however I was intrigued by the “Nature’s” way of learning and reading Bazi expounded by Art of Destiny.

The course notes were comprehensive, and Master Alan’s mode of teaching was clear, structured and easy to grasp (though needless to say, you do still need to do your homework!). Given the depth of course content, the course fee was bang for the buck. By the end of the course, even frustrated veteran Bazi practitioners (some of whom had spent tens of thousands of dollars prior with various well known masters but still could not read Bazi properly) left with glowing reviews.

The first 2 days’ focus was on building a strong philosophical and theoretical foundation. We were introduced to the heavenly stems and earthly branches, and how these ‘characters’ interacted within the Bazi ecosystem. The 3rd day was focused on practical application, allowing students to practice reading, and deciphering Bazi charts of several prominent personalities and celebrities. It was interesting to see how some of these charts deemed as “lower grade” by other schools, were actually rich and vibrant when analysed using the nature’s way. Many timeless Bazi myths were dispelled.

We also had the opportunity of reading our own Bazi and analysing our course mates’ Bazi. Master Alan treated us to a “live” Bazi reading masterclass – something not all schools or masters are fond of doing (or dare to do!). Life events were described with accuracy. I guess with a solid method, comes proficiency and confidence.

Upon attending this course, you will gain self awareness and clarity from understanding your life’s blueprint. Knowing who you are at the core, what your strengths and gaps are, to avoid brick walls, to chart your destiny and to make better choices in life – be it career, business, relationships, or self purpose. This is the greatest gift.

You owe it to yourself to attend this course. A shot at, and a gift of true clarity of your life destiny. What is the price of this gift, to you? This really depends on yourself. What is the price of absolute clarity, vs the price of forever wondering (and wandering) through life with a muddy mind asking “what if?”

Our Chinese sages spoke of Tien, Di, Ren (Heaven, Earth and Man). Even with Heaven and Earth in unison, if the Man element is missing, there is no unity. There is no flow, no balance. Man must make the decision. Man must take action. Make the decision with no regrets.

Empty that tea cup. Fill it with fresh tea, and all shall be clear.

Till the next time Master Alan.

LH, Apprentice Chinese metaphysics practitioner.

Hi to all Chinese Metaphysic fans!!!

I’m from Philippines and would like to share with all of you my fantastic experience with Master Alan Chong (MAC) on our “one on one” BZ foundation class last apr 2 -4,2019. It turned out to be a fruitful and fun BZ learning experience.

MAC can explained the natures, characteristics of BZ elements, animal signs n 10 gods in a very precise laymans term .

He has a simple masterpiece method that would catch the core of most BZ chart, this knowledge alone elevates the foundation class to a higher level…

BUT…the GREATEST BONUS I had was the use of my personal chart as reference to his teachings thus learning, knowing and undertanding my own chart goal was definitely achieved here…imagine the scenario, 3days alone with MAC and ask all I can regarding my own chart …lucky me…

on the last day to test what I’ve learned I was trying to read my husband n kids chart plus some unknown charts…

By the way, MAC is also a foodieee….n etc etc…

Fellow BZ lovers hope you can try and enjoy the learning jouney i went thru with MAC too…

Thanks MAC , i will use what I’ve learn to read charts in order to fully master it before i will join you again for your intermediate BZ to move to another level of reading…Quincy

Attending Master Alan’s class is always great. He has made learning Bazi so much fun and easy to understand and apply. Lots of case study, lessons is so well structured, explanation is crystal clear, and Master Alan has been very patiently answering all questions posted and make sure every student is well learnt. Grateful for the opportunity to learn from this great sifu. Thank you, Master Alan! – MF, Bazi Intermediate 1

Our Bazi Intermediate 2 Student has this to say:

I chance upon Master Alan’s website on the internet while looking for a Bazi class to enrol. I have been to numerous workshops and bought many books on the subject as I have always been interested in how the ancients could decipher one’s luck so accurately. Suffice to say that these books and workshops that I have been to previously do not provide a strong platform for a beginner such as me who does not read and write Chinese to build upon learning the basics. Apart from that, more questions than answers arose when I progress through my initial studies and my mind just went blank when presented with a Bazi chart to review. It is when I have decided that I need to take up a Bazi Class which is pragmatic in its approach and where the pace is suited for beginning enthusiasts like me and suffice to say, I have no regrets enrolling in Master Alan’s class as upon finishing the class, I have successfully reached my objective of being able to read Bazi charts on a basic level and more, I have gained a strong foundation to build upon, Master Alan’s teaching method is unique to his school which is very practical with the sole purpose of arming the beginner with strong fundamental knowledge and how to apply it in a practical manner. Moreover, Master Alan understands how hard it is for a beginner to grasp certain complicated concepts and was very patient in explaining and showing me numerous case studies to practice upon and comprehend. I can’t wait for the Intermediate Class where I believe that I will be thoroughly guided in good hands deeper into understanding the mysteries of Bazi. Thank you SIfu! – Chan

I have truly gained so much in this Bazi course. I have learnt much things which I think cannot find in text books. I won’t say it is very easy to learn but the method used to explain/teach makes easy for us to learn. Need more practice but it is a good start from here – Deon, S’pore 

What I appreciate about Alan is his sincerity, honesty and simplicity. He is sincere in his desire to share and impart the knowledge and skills he has learned in the art of Bazi, and he is honest about the complexity of this art. Yet his simplicity in deciphering the codes of Bazi has made the complexity and intricacy of it, a little more understandable and interesting. – Caroline

Dear Master Alan, Thanks a lot for the 3-days exciting learning journey on Bazi-jungle. Enjoy the way you teach us, your holistic approach in introducing the Bazi-world was really excellent. Your patient was amazing in showing us the meaning of Destiny from Bazi perspective. Bravo!!!⁠

CL Chua
This is the first time in my life I have attended a BAZI course. Master Alan had explained the basics while proceeding smoothly to next topics, methods and tools necessary to create the 4 pillars and carry out basic reading. The course is definitely preparing students for further insights into BAZI. The course had expanded my understanding on one of the many Chinese Metaphysics but more importantly, I had so much fun learning from Master Alan who had made learning of BAZI simple and engaging.”

Dennis Lim
The course has given me a good insight to the introduction and foundations of Bazi profiling which is essential to the actual practice. Besides theory lessons, the practical practices using case studies enhance my learning and confidence in putting the skills to practice.

Master Alan is very patient in guiding us throughout the course. He ensures we are able to absorb the essence of the course using simple explanations and practical case studies. He is also very generous and gracious in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experiences. Thank you Master Alan. – Goh WC

I would like to send my appreciation for the 2 days Bazi course (Beginner) that you had conducted with us.
You have provide us a wide range of knowledge on how to interpret the Bazi. During the course, you are able to explain and lead us on how to relate each sections together.
These 2 days attending your course is a great experience for me and it helps on improving my knowledge towards the fengshui and bazi. Better understand of how the 5 elements relate to one another.
I hope to have more opportunities to discuss with you and learn from you. – Ting T Theam

The course is very well-structured and the presentation slides are very well done. Will need time to digest the materials and definitely interested to go for the advanced module.

Gary Chew

Enlightening! Looking forward to Advanced Class.

Tia Swee Hua

Many Thanks. Good course and very good explanation.

Simple, straightforward, easy to understand. If you’re serious about Bazi and you wish to improve your destiny, I think you should take action and start learning from Alan. After today’s class I have a clear idea of how to start reading a Bazi Chart as per Alan’s guidance. If you have attended other master’s course and still could not find a way to read a Bazi chart, I believe you should try the beginners course conducted by Alan and opt for a change. Alan count me in for the intermediate level. – Nick Ooi

Kevin Khong (Module 1 & 2)
“I had attended Master Benson’s Bazi Module 1 and 2 recently. Master Benson is a very knowledgeable Master in classical Bazi who is willing to share and impart his knowledge to all of his students. He is also very humble, friendly and approachable. I would definitely recommend all who want to learn classical Bazi to learn from Master Benson.”

Yvette Teoh (Module 2)
“Master Benson is a fantastic and dedicated teacher. He leads the students into a journey of mysterious ‘Bazi’ and makes every part of the learning experience Fun and Exciting! His enthusiasm is infectious; and his feng shui methodology works for me miraculously.”

Choo WT (Module 2)

“Very good course and had learned a lot from Master Benson. Thank you very much and will look forward to your further courses again.”

Choy MS (Module 2)
“Very informative and different way of approach to date selection.”

Yvette Teoh (Module 1)
“First and foremost Master Benson’s reading on my Bazi is 95% accurate. That is the highlight of the course to me personally. His teaching is interesting and easy to comprehend being related to nature.”

Choo WT – Ipoh (Module 1)
“After taking various Bazi lesson from several schools, I would say that this is the best Bazi course so far. I thank Master Benson for his wonderful teaching and hope to learn from him again in the near future.”

Bryan Yap – KL (Module 1)
“Interesting and in depth. Perhaps the student should learn some basic Bazi before joining the class.”

Choy – KL (Module 1)
“Different way of reading/understanding Bazi & way of life. Friendly teacher.”

Vincent K – Singapore

Before the course, I had no idea of reading a Bazi chart. Master Alan has a unique way of teaching various concepts, including the very interesting production and control cycles in Bazi, making it easily understandable and logical. He also uses practical case studies to make points clearer, which definitely helps a lot when I am doing revision after the course.

I could immediately read and understand a bazi chart upon finishing the course and am confident of helping others better understand their life destiny. I recommend anyone who is interested to understand bazi to start from this class.

Ginny, KL

“Alan keeps this course simple, logical and easy for everyone to follow.”

I am very happy today that I am able to read BaZi today thanks to Alan. This is one course which is value worth. I can say this because after completing many Bazi courses, this is the one that really enables me to read Bazi.

Jacqueline, Kuala Lumpur
Was lucky to attend Mr.Alan BAZI beginner class during, found the class to be interesting and very helpful! The information you presented in regard the steps of reading BAZI was very helpful. He patiently explain basic understanding how to apply the techniques we learn onto case study.

” THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to guide me on the readings. It is such an honour to have a mentor like you. Looking forward for the intermediate class! You were awesome! “

Gi Santos (Philippines)
“It was surely a worthwhile experience joining your Bazi beginner’s class in Subang Jaya. Now basic Bazi reading has never been this easy. Your presentation of Bazi reading I think was done in the most understandable and simplest way.”

At Baziconsult, we dont talk, we deliver….wanna be able to read Bazi ? Follow this student who was a graduate of a famous school, try out Baziconsult – Premier School of Bazi.

3 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Thank you very much for on line begginer’s course , It was very understandable and I really hope I will manage to come one day to you to attend some courses alive.

  2. Would like to express my gratitude and big thank you to Master Alan for his patience and guidance on my journey to learn CM. Attended the Bazi Class for Beginners. The methology used to teach us was simple and clear, easy for newbies to apply. Even with only a 3 days beginner course, we are able to read charts which was a great achievement for me personally.
    Thank you again,

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