We started this out of Interest and Passion for Chinese metaphysics subjects. Over the years, we have spent much time and resources in finding THE method that work with good results; and finally we have gotten the right concoction after successfully putting together all the knowledge we have found from various masters. How do we know it works ? Talk to our students about their experiences in our live reading in class & their progress in reading Bazi after our class, talk to our clients and read our students testimonials.

Today, we have decided to make this our objective to bring the “Correct Way of Understanding Bazi” to Malaysia and hope to help as many Bazi enthusiasts as we can to be able to read their Destiny.We understand how many after learning courses after course, revision after revision still unable to read bazi and hence many potential students have given up along the way.

The day we were able to read Bazi, thanks to the dedicated guidance from our Masters, the feeling is exhilarating beyond words can describe. It is now our aim to help students with affinity, to breakthrough into new horizon.

We understand the difficulty faced by students of BaZi because we started out just like you. There is only a few reasons why students are hampered in BaZi reading thus why when Master created the syllabus from the knowledge acquired in his journey,tested and proven, he created his unique system of Nature Way of Reading BaZi. It’s easier to grasp the core of BaZi thus why the results reflected by his students.

We care about student’s learning thus we have always endeavor to keep the class small to have quality teaching and best learning experience. Like the saying goes, Essence comes in drops not in gallons. It is no doubt why our students stands out.

Coupled by his very systematic style of teaching this makes it possible to read BaZi even when he had not study this art before. Master is very articulate in his way of making students understand. His other fellow student remarked his achievement when giving accurate comments in forum when even teachers from the West could not read the Bazi! Why? Simple, it’s the system and teacher.

没 有 走 不 到 原 的 山, 只 有 找 不 到 路 的 人

There is no unreachable mountain peaks, only people who can’t find their way

The key message is, not how to read Bazi, but rather what is the Correct Way of reading Bazi ! Nature’s Way….

Let’s join us…together we spread good knowledge around & Bazi learning is never going to be the same.

Look out for our Blogs which we will publish regularly. For more information, you may contact us via email: baziconsult@gmail.com.

Alan Chong a.k.a JiaZi & Rosalind a.k.a Auntie Rosie


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