Bazi Intermediate

After grasping the fundamentals of Bazi, student will be ready to move on the next level of BaZi Mastery.


  • What is Energy and What is form? – to differentiate the real from the seemingly real.
  • When Energy becomes form? – Which wealth is real wealth to you?
  • Form react to energy ? – can heaven control earth or earth controls heaven? how do we apply to reading?
  • Four Seasons? 
  • Heaven, Earth and Man? – How to apply to benefit your life?
  • When the starts and end begins – The forming of the 60 jia zi, the beginning of Bazi
  • The 60 Jia zi cycle on Year, Month, Day and Hour – getting more gist out of each pillar.
  • How the months derived from the year – the short cut to Bazi Reading.
  • How the hours derived from the day – the correct way to Bazi Reading.
  • The 10 Nature Behavior react on the 12 stages of Growth – Additional layer of reading a person’s character
  • The Useful God, Favorable God, Negative God and the Destructive God – The good and bad of every chart. The key to knowing the grading of each chart.
  • The Introduction of 10 Advance Structure of Life.

This course is drill down of the basic class. For example, in the basic class, student’s were taught the Noble Elements but here students are introduced the Favourable Elements. Read on what else you will learn…

  • What is CLASH? Good & Bad clashes! – The meaning, its usage and how to apply into a chart!
  • What is COMBINE? Good & Bad combined! – The meaning, its usage and how to apply into a chart!
  • The 3 Combination? What do they really means? – The meaning, its usage and how to apply into a chart!
  • The Season Formation? What do they really means? – The meaning, its usage and how to apply into a chart!
  • The explanation on the usage of Harm/Punishment & Destroy – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly! (Bonus!)
  • The Relationship People in Your Life – A journey of seeing the invisible people in our life for the first time!
  • People That supports You and People That take Up Your Time
  • Your Career and Your Skills – Defined the conflicts of interest!
  • People born in the Bath stage – what does this mean to his life?
  • If you have a Jia Zi (甲子) Pillar, what does it tells about your marriage life?
  • Your Lucks – The impact into your life!

Who should Attend:

  • BaZi Consultants who wants to further improve their bazi skills.
  • Bazi enthusiast who wants to know more about their bazi.
  • Working Managers who wants to understand their staff and improvise strategies.
  • Business people who wants to improve their predicting skills for annual luck.

BaZi Intermediate will be fully taught by Master Benson Yeo.

Venue: Subang Square SS15, Kuala Lumpur.

Date: 25-28 June 2015

Time: 10am – 5pm (sometimes may extend a little)

Bonus: Free 1 tutorial for this Intermediate class 2015.

For enquiry and registration please email:



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