Relationship Analysis – What it says about your marriage

If you would like to know more about your love life or relationship, look no further than your own Bazi destiny chart which is derived from your birth date and time.  It holds the key to finding Mr Right and Ms Right.  Or if you have already tied the knot, are you happily married or otherwise?  What does your Bazi destiny chart say?

Marriage Bazi

First, we look at the quality of the Spouse Star.  For a man, we look at the Wealth star as this represents the wife and girlfriends.  For a female, we look at the quality of the Influence/Power star as these stars represent the husband and boyfriends.  If the spouse star is of good quality and is favourable to the Day Master, we can conclude that he or she can easily find somebody, especially if the spouse star is located at the Stem next to the Day Master, or Day Branch, and the relationship will generally be good.

Secondly, the Spouse Palace plays a very important part in determining the relationship with the spouse.  If the “Useful God” or “Noble Element” is in the spouse palace, we can say that the person will receive support from his/her spouse and will get a lucky house when the time is right.  He/She will becomes lucky once married and will enjoy good marriage and the spouse will generally be good and supportive.  However, the Spouse Palace should NOT have clash or combination, otherwise there will be relationship problems.

Let us take a look at a real case scenario using the same Bazi Chart as Peach Blossom article post published some time back.  This time instead of using the peach blossom star as example, we will analyse using the 10 Gods, that is, the Officer and Killing stars (husband and boyfriend stars).


This Female Xin 辛 Metal Day Master is born in Friend Structure.  Her husband star (Direct Officer) is located at Year Stem and Boyfriend star (7 Killing) is located at Month Stem, and also one at Branch and another at the Hidden Stems.  When Direct Officer and 7 Killing are located at different palaces, there will be a cause of concern indicating there will be sort of relationship issues, as there will be more than one man in her life.  As a matter of fact, she has three relationships – twice married and now having a relationship with a married man.

PeachBloosom Bazi

She met her 1st husband during the luck pillar of Yi Wei (乙未)  and got married during Annual Luck of Xin Wei (辛未), where Xin combine with Bing in the Year Stem and Wei combine with Wu in the Year Branch.  Her hubby subsequently passed away.

She met her 2nd husband during the Luck Pillar of Jia Wu (甲午).  In this luck pillar, the Jia clashed with Geng, a Rob Wealth star in the Hour Stem, indicating a possibly 3rd party. This lady knowing very well that this man already has a longtime girlfriend, but still married him.  Even after marriage, her husband cannot let go of his ex-girlfriend.  She subsequently divorced her hubby.

She met her 3rd man during the Luck Pillar of Gui Snake (癸巳).  In this pillar, the Direct Officer star in Year Stem becomes rooted.  Gui in Luck Pillar clash away Ding (丁, 7 Killing) in Month Stem, resulting in Bing (丙, Direct Officer) in Year Stem combine with Xin 辛 in the Day Stem.   Husband star combine with Day Master is normally a loving relationship. So, on the surface, it looks like relationship made in heaven.  But take a look at the Spouse Palace.  It is involved in a clash with Friend Star, indicating another woman.  A clash is the spouse palace always indicate challenges, marital problems, separation, etc.   And when it involves a Friend or Rob Wealth star, it generally imply that the Man has another woman.  In actual fact, the Man is a married man, though they have a loving relationship.

So, what have we learnt from the above chart?  If a woman’s chart show relationship problems, can it be prevented?

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Auntie Rose


2 thoughts on “Relationship Analysis – What it says about your marriage”

  1. Hi, I am very curious about what you can read about mine and my bf’s bazi in terms of compatibility:

    My DOB: 17th September 1988, at 4:30am born in UK
    His DOB: 8th August 1982, at 12noon born in Paris, France

    I have been told that we are not compatible in terms of bazi, if we got married, after our first child he will die from either car crash or plane crash… can you see or read that specific in bazi?? Thanks.

    Kind Regards,

    1. I don’t know what method they use but logically, it all depends too on the year or Luck the child is born. Then again the child has his or her own Destiny. To line the odds together, it’s not easy. Do more good deeds & things will be ok.

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