Career Palace

Many are confused over the Career Palace. Should it be the hour pillar or month pillar? Honestly, I was rather surprised when many of Baziconsult Facebook group members asked me about this.

This is crucial simply because we are dealing with a destiny of a person. A decision made because of different information received will result in a different actions and eventually a different OUTCOME. Its like the Iraq war where so many thousands was killed because US and their ally received wrong intelligence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. It turned out to be none but after so many lost of innocent human lives.


Perhaps the Contemporary Bazi school uses this because of a different understanding of the knowledge of BaZi or perhaps they have based it on a few samples of BaZi to conclude.

Contemporary school – Month Pillar

Some schools advocates this pillar as the a career pillar simply because its the strongest pillar strength. Why strongest?. This is because the system of Bazi that says the month of birth decides the season and season decides the strength of the 5 elements.

Then, blend in a little behavioral (motivation) theory, they believe one should work on your strength rather than weakness. Let’s take an easy example :

Example 1

The month is Summer (Wu, Horse month) and since the entire pillar is fire and together, this made fire element very strong, thus according to contemporary Bazi, one should indulge in Fire industry such as food business, beauty business or fortune telling (although some masters says its an Earth industry) or show biz. However If you look at example 2,

Example 2

This person is born end of Autumn where Earth is strong and further more Xu is the tomb of fire. Bing Fire is also present at the heavenly stem. Thus if we apply the above logic, then this person could also be in Fire and Earth industry such as property, Feng shui, selling Will, etc just to add on some earth industry.

Traditional BaZi School – Hour Pillar

Now Traditional school uses Hour Pillar to determine career & so how will this make a difference? Let’s go back to the 2 examples and just focus on the hour pillar instead. Let’s say this is Gui day master has an hour pillar of Ren Zi.

Example 1

If according to traditional way of reading and since we do not advocate industry based on 5 elements, how will the reading be different? Water element is related to speech and communication and since Water element is also the Parallel element, thus fans base business or mass communication or mass marketing. Thus he would be suitable to became a Mass communicator. Thus in the same line of argument from the Traditional BaZi, this example would also have fitted the traditional theory.

Then if we re-look at example 2, which has the hour of Xin Hai.

Xin is the resource to the Ren Day master and typically Resource means knowledge or talent. Hai is also the Parallel god which means mass selling or fan base or partnership. Now example 2 is an actual case and this is the chart of Bill Gates, the world’s top richest man and as he started Microsoft with Paul Allen. Microsoft is a company that was basically a software and operating systems something that you built with your knowledge. Along the way, he changed from selling DOS to IBM to selling operating systems license to the market, essentially making it compatible to most PC. His rival Apple choose to kept the OS proprietary. He later catered software to individual PCs such as Microsoft Office. Because of all these reasons compounded, he became the richest over the years. Perhaps uncle Bill met a Traditional Bazi master back then ?

A theory has to endure the test of many Bazi and not just isolated few cases. Bazi is a knowledge created by Xu Zi Ping back in Song Dynasty. Nobody knows how exactly he came out with this system that is accurate to predict one’s destiny, we only know how to apply it but not how he came out the entire system so flawless in synchronicity. Yet contemporary practitioners with less than a century experience changes the system reading by the flick of fame.

The importance of finding the USEFUL GOD (Yong Shen 用神) is paramount in Traditional Bazi system. If we use a strong element in our BaZi but if this element is unfavorable to us, then it only makes one’s destiny going into the wrong path and waste precious years undoing the wrong.

There is a reason behind why Hour pillar is chosen to represent career and not Month pillar, my students knows and traditional Bazi practitioners will know. Dear readers, you decide which system to follow, after all it is your destiny. You are reading it free anyway 🙂

Today is Malaysia’s Independence day and this year is the year we made history because we have changed to a new government since independence, perhaps a change in the Chinese metaphysics world coming?. If you like this post and find it meaningful, please share it for the benefit of others.

p/s: if some new readers finds it difficult to understand this post, then you are fine. You may want to pick up this traditional BaZi skills here.


7 thoughts on “Career Palace”

  1. Ok, but what if we know the UG but then the UG is totally missing in the chart, will the hour pillar be sufficient to determine suitable career? Thanks!

  2. I cannot said Hour Pillar represented career but Hour pillar more represented your investment and businesses that related to career field.

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