Online BaZi Intermediate 1-C19

This is an Online course using Live teaching for Bazi Practitioner Intermediate 1. We will be conducting it in a Secret Facebook Group to be set up. The method of delivery will be either by Google Meet. Thus you need a google account or gmail to join this.

Face Book Group Codename: To be decided.

Class is divided into 4 sections and each section can be paid individually. However student cannot skip levels meaning to move to level 3 you must complete level 1 and 2.

There are new notes/slide to be distributed. Each lecture session is about 60 mins (plus minus) depending on chapters. Students should read the notes before class once as the lecture will only highlights the important points and the oral knowledge.

We have alternate day lecture like Monday, Wednesday & Friday until Class ends. Every lesson is at 8.30pm (20:30) Malaysia Kuala Lumpur time. Plan to start on June 15, 2020.

Students should have time to think and relearn each concept before next lecture. Student may ask question via email or at designated FB posting which I will do allocate accordingly.

The Nature’ Way Of BaZi Intermediate 1

Part 1 – MYR 800 Estimated 3 sessions lecture. Depending on situation it can be more.

  1. Yin Yang
  2. 5 Elements Theory Part II & Nature’s Way of Production/Control
  3. Hidden Heavenly Stems II
  4. 10 Gods Relationships

Part 2 – MYR 1100 Estimated 3 sessions lecture. Depending on situation it can be more.

  1. Static Structures
  2. Useful God
    • Climatic Useful God
    • Harmonizing Useful God
    • Bridging Useful God
    • Advance Noble Element Theory & Favourable Gods

Part 3 – MYR 700 Estimated 2 sessions lecture. Depending on situation it can be more.

  1. Advance Clashes – also Tomb clashes
  2. Advance Combinations
  3. Fan Yin & Fu Yin

Part 4 – MYR 700 Estimated 3 sessions lecture.

  1. Advance Palace
  2. Auxiliary Stars
  3. Positioning
  4. Case Study

You have a choice of 2 fees structure. You can opt to pay by Part or if pay all at once is MYR3000 with a savings of MYR300 if you pay via local bank TT or Transferwise. If via PayPal it will be RM3140 as PayPal takes high percentage (4.5%).

Note: Transferwise takes about 3-4 working days to process. Please consider this ahead.

Students of Baziconsult who wish to do a revision, please email me privately or FB Messenger to register yourself.


There will be a certificate posted to you so your full name, address and phone is important.

However, you are only eligible for a certificate if your participation level is minimum 70%. What do I mean? At the end of each session, usually there will be some questions on the topic which student needs to answer either directly on the FB posting or via email and I will keep track. 70% here refers the the participation level at each topic. The correctness of the answer is not important.

Requirements or Pre Requisites

1.You are expected to know your Bazi Foundation well as we will not go back to the basics.

2. I would expect that you know the 22 Chinese characters, Seasons, Clash-Combine codes, 10 Gods, Palace as well as your Noble Elements well.

What Is Unique About This Course?

  • Interactive with Teacher who is a practicing consultant.
  • Proven method on the field.
  • Refine your Bazi prediction skills with this course.
  • How to use this skill to manage your life better.
Nature’s Way of Bazi System to explain Bob’s case

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Payment mode by Bank Transfer/Transferwise or Paypal