Traditional and Contemporary BaZi Schools of Thoughts

GuiguziBazi is a Chinese form of Astrology that probably has it’s roots way from the days of the Ghost Valley Master or 鬼谷子 (GuiGuZi).

After Xu Zi Ping created the 8 Characters system or commonly known as BaZi, many years down the road there are many fractions to his system emerged. The more famous BaZi system known today are the Blindman sect, the ZiPing system and also the Nature system which is the system that is gaining the popularity. This nature system is primarily coming from the old classics of Qiong Tong Bao Jian 穷通宝鉴.

These system has few hundred to few thousand of years history.

However fast forward to the new millennium, there is new BaZi theory promoted by contemporary practitioners. The system is rather simple but what worries me is that this system is less than 20 years. How fool proof is this system? How many Bazi cases has been proven in this decade of commercialization of Chinese Metaphysics ? On the hind sight, it relies on motivation method to boost the positive psychology in the client, which is a good thing after all. However this is off the subject on Destiny analysis.

Perhaps I dwell a little on the system that I know better and proven for centuries and show case how it has helped a client of mine.

Traditional Bazi System

In the traditional system of Bazi the most important part about from the other technicalities is the Useful god, 用神. If a BaZi has Useful god, then this person is said to have good destiny and will achieve much in life. Of course vice versa is true that if a person has no Useful god in the natal chart, then life is at best just average.

Thus once you correctly identified the Useful god, you will see a better picture the entire Destiny of that person.

Useful God (Yong Shen)

What is a Useful God 用神? Its not something spiritual or a deity that we pray to. It is just an element in the chart that makes the chart useful and hence it’s term Useful god. There are a few categories of Useful God depending on the nature of the chart. It needs the correct skills and/or system to be able to confidently identify the correct Useful God.

Once you find the Useful god, the rest is the easier part. The reason why most practitioner find Bazi difficult it is because of the difficulty to identify the Useful God. There are simply too many methods. There is the weak strong method, the blind man, the nature method and so much so every gets frustrated. Thus many give up and perhaps this has lead to the contemporary methods which is seemingly easier but not sure the accuracy.

Bazi Useful God

A Ba Zi Interpretation

This case was for friend that is not doing so well and she came to me for an answer. After looking the chart, I managed to identified the Useful God which is the element of Jia . Jia represented in her life a few person. One the first occasion when she came to me, I told her this and a few months passed, she came back to me without little success. She tried some but not all off the people I told her. I do understand sometimes its not easy to ask for every human has pride, including myself.

This time I repeated the same thing and emphasized the people that she had not approached. In just matter of weeks she send me a message Gd morning Alan…i would like to thanks u for helping me…Thanks God, i got a help (nobleman) frm ex lady boss recently…

Contemporary Ba Zi

The modern method of reading Bazi is very much influenced by positive thinking or motivational philosophy. Blending motivation psychology into Bazi is more of western influenced approached.

For example they use the strongest influence in your Bazi to let you decide which is the strongest element. The rational behind is that since that element is the strongest in your chart then it will have the most significant on us. Sounds logical right.? Thus they would recommend that you should follow the strongest element as a guide to your favourable industry or work.

For example you could use your month pillar because the rationale is that month is the strongest influence in our bazi. In parallel, motivational science says one should focus on the strength and not weakenesses. However in Bazi study the strongest element may not be your favourable element.This will work against you. Perhaps “thou shall love your enemy” is an appropriate advice?

In the above case, her chart was Strong with Fire and Water and this would have led the person to the wrong direction!

Let’s take an example the BaZi of Leonardo Di Caprio where according to Traditional bazi the Useful god is Yang Earth , Ding Fire   and Metal elements esp Geng 庚 but according to Contemporary Bazi, in his chart Yang Wood (Jia 甲 ) is the strongest followed by Water (Ren / Gui) & Yin Wood (Yi 乙).

Wood element is the Resource 印 element while Water is the Officer, 官.

If we follow Wood, he should be in the Wood industry where as Acting is a Fire industry. Though I do not subscribe to the idea allocating industry to an element but still within this school of thought it does not reconcile!

Same goes with if he follows Officer. Officer is related to justice or law and perhaps even management or execution, less with acting.

His Major Luck Cycle

He started his major luck of Ding Chou 丑 when he was 20 (1994) and then Wu Yin 寅 (2004) in his 30 and then 40 (2014) Ji Mao 卯. All these 3 lucks was favorable to him.

His Annual Achieving Years

His highest grossing was the movie Titanic in 1997 Ding Chou 丑. His first Grammy nomination was in 1998 Wu Yin 寅,  2004 Jia Shen 甲 he won golden globe award for best actor. He received French government award in 2005 Ding Hai 亥, fattest pay check in 2010 Geng Yin 寅 and #2015 Yi Wei 乙 he won multiple awards just to name a few.

On the side note: There is a Death and Emptiness (DE) in the hour pillar in Chou 丑 and Harm relationship between Tiger 寅 and Pig 亥. Has not the DE nullify his Output? How does that affected this young man who started his promising career at the young age of 17 till today where he is already 44?.

2015 he had a clash between Wei 未 and Chou 丑 from the hour, yet he had a big success that year, why?.

If Leonardo would have subscribe to the contemporary Bazi method, today we may not have known him as an actor. He would have probably end up doing something else and earned less money and fame.

Traditional Ba Zi is the correct way, at least to my own experience and opinion. First one has to understand the system and philosophy of Traditional system and this is utmost important.

Mastering BaZi is a pains taking process, a long journey, many nights of oil lamp study and a process that demands that one be open minded & trust your master’s system. I have full trust in my teacher’s system and followed his method diligently and I am happy to say it has worked for me.

Traditional or Contemporary method is entirely your choice, after all ancient sages believe in Affinity.

# In 2015, DiCaprio played fur trapper Hugh Glass in the survival drama The Revenant, directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu.[131] The film was well received by critics[132] and DiCaprio’s performance garnered universal acclaim[133][134] that earned him numerous awards, including his first Academy Awards win for Best Actor,[135][136] his eleventh nomination and third Golden Globe win; winning for Best Actor Drama, and his first BAFTA, SAG and Critic’s Choice Award win all for Best Actor.[137] Making him one of very few actors achieving the feat of winning the remarkable “Big Five” awards with a single performance.


8 thoughts on “Traditional and Contemporary BaZi Schools of Thoughts”

  1. Hello, does the ten gods in the hour pillar represent the suitable job role/occupation?
    In Leonardo’s case his hour pillar is Hurting officer hence him being an actor.
    Do we look at the stem or the branch of the hour pillar? Thanks

    1. we have to look at the entire chart to deduce but as we have mentioned before in other postings, career is not based on elements. its a misconception of contemporary bazi.

  2. Oh, from a previous posting on career palace, it mentioned that in traditional bazi, hour pillar is chosen instead of month to check for career because strong elements in month may be unfavorable.So I thought the hour pillar itself and whatever ten gods are in the hour pillar would be considered in choosing a career.
    If we go by useful god instead to choose the career but the useful god is very weak, could we still pursue a career represented by useful god or should we go for the next favorable god in choosing career? Thanks!

  3. When the strongest element is not your favourable element, does it mean the positive aspects of the element/10 god it represent cannot be utilized at all? Thanks

    1. I find this an excelent article. Not easy for a beginner to find a true traditional way these days. Could you please help me to find a proper teacher in this regard?

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