Harms – A BaZi Antithesis

In BaZi study you probably hear of Clash 冲, Combinations 合, Punishment 刑 , Destruction 破 and Harms 害.

Harm is thought to bring about betrayal in our Destiny or meeting some kind of difficult situation or some kind events that can break you down mentally or physically. Some other teachers says Harm means many unfavorable things that can happen. Another says it brings about fear, doubts, worries or distrust. In short it is a BAD thing to have.

So in Bazi which pairing is considered a Harm relation?

  1. 寅 – 巳 Tiger – Snake
  2. 卯 – 辰 Rabbit – Dragon
  3. 子 – 未 Rat – Goat
  4. 丑 – 午 Ox – Horse
  5. 酉 – 戌 Rooster – Dog
  6. 申 – 亥 Monkey – Pig

This theory further cloud the art of BaZi reading because it has 2 opposite effect to the Bazi.

  • Lionel Messi has a Harm combo
  • Jack ma too has a Harm in his bazi
  • Muammar Gaddafi has a Harm in his Bazi.

So if you have a Harm doesn’t mean you will fail in life. The above 3 examples of people have success in their own way. If you don’t have Harm too does not mean you will not be betrayed in life or have a bad troubled life either. If you have studied some form of Bazi class, you should get what I mean here.

It only stresses one point that I hope you as a seeker of the the knowledge to ponder upon the validity of Harm. Is this a true concept of BaZi or merely an tool to explain to people when no other Bazi concepts can be answered by the teacher?

Take Lionel Messi for example: There is a Harm pairing between his Day and Hour Branch. Will it affect his marriage?

Harm at Mao Chen which involves the his marriage. 2017 he wedded Antonela Roccuzzo, his sweetheart from childhood. One may argue that this is too early to say, perhaps but you cannot doubt he is richness from the Dragon (Alternative Wealth or some call it Indirect Wealth 偏财) till today is unharmed.

I cannot stress more that having Useful God in a Bazi will ensure success or otherwise. This is the correct way of reading Bazi because this is the concept on which BaZi was designed by Xu Zi Ping back then. This is what the Nature’s Way of BaZi emphasize on very much.

As you may know, life is never perfect and don’t think you will find one that is. Ask any rich or successful people, I believe they too have setbacks from time to time but the important thing is that they can ride though it and again risen as the victor!. It’s all in your birth date!

Without correct understanding of our destiny or fate, which ever way you call it, we will never see much progress with motivation alone. We behave like a dog chasing its own tail all the time. Break free from this and learn to understand your life, then you will be able to find more effective way to help yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Harms – A BaZi Antithesis”

  1. hi,
    how do we know which one harms which? not about the one who win or lose but how do we start to make the deduction? does it go from hour to year or year to hour? or is there any specific order on how to start the analysis?

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