Understand My Destiny Program


Many people has consulted many Bazi Masters but not many has gotten useful tips to improve life. Firstly, is the knowledge that perhaps incomplete.

The second reason is because people do not understand and hence finds it difficult to appreciate their Destiny. This causes endless searching and frustrations. The time spend searching or in agony could have been used to improve life.

In order for effective destiny change, the best way is to understand our own destiny so our actions are more affirmative.

The Flow

You will taught the basics of Bazi such as the 5 elements, Seasons, Clashes, Combinations, Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, 10 Gods & Palace in class.

You will be taught the theory as well applications into your own Bazi to help you understand your own Bazi better.

After the class you will be given a private appointment with one of our assigned consultants for an hour consultation.

Some theories are beyond your comprehension during consultation but again, this provides you a better appreciation of your destiny and ways to improve it. The purpose is to help you move on and improve in life.

As we have mentioned this course is not to make a Bazi Consultant out of you but to help you find effective ways to improve your life.

But what you will take home with you is not only understanding your own Destiny,  you also go back with a set of knowledge that helps you understand others as well better communicate with them. They can be your bosses, peers, spouse, children etc.

You will also appreciate why certain career is more suitable for you & how can you do better.

Why your marriage has problems. Is it all because of the other person? How can you understand them better? How can your actions help improve the relationship?

Why you can’t seems to keep good staff? Are they all useless? What does Bazi says about your management style? How can you improve this? These are just things that you can get it answered better after this course.

The Package

The package includes and consultation of your Natal Chart and how to improve your destiny, a glimpse of your current Major luck and further scope down to the Earth Pig (2019) year outlook which officially starts on 4 February 2019 on the day of Li Chun 立春.

The Package Fees

RM1200 per person but bring a friend along, you both gets 10% off.

Date, Venue, Time

February 23 & 24, 2019, 10am to 4pm at Bukit Puchong Office.

Closing Date

February 18. Only 6 seats available !

If you are ready to take back charge of your own destiny, email us with your Date and Time of birth & your sex to baziconsult@gmail.com