Hour Of Birth In BaZi

BaZi astrology is an art of deciphering our destiny based on the Year, Month, Day and Time of birth. However, the time or hour of birth is always the most controversial for many reasons. One of the more prominent controversy often debated among Bazi practitioners is the question of “What is the correct Hour to use for deriving our Destiny Chart.?”

Assuming a person is born at 08:25 morning or in Bazi jargon the Chen 辰 or Dragon hour, not all masters will agree to using Chen as the correct hour. Some masters will “re-calibrate” the hour in accordance to their school of thought. This leads to the constant debate among various schools of Bazi Astrology 八字 in Chinese Metaphysics study.

Hour of birth has many possible impact on a person’s destiny ranging from children, career, marriage life, old age etc. Sometimes in a person’s destiny it is the hour of birth that saved the destiny elevating it from a poor grade to a high grade chart.

A local famous Chinese metaphysics master got his fame and wealth from his hour of birth. Feeling apprehensive about this, he now disseminate information that his hour of birth is not the one on the internet but rather it is a different hour. Thus hour of birth is a very important part of a Destiny Analysis.

I shall share here some of the most commonly used methods by various school of Bazi:

Use it as it is – Fated.

This school of thoughts is about your destiny. Thus if you are fated to be born at 8:25 am then just take it as it is. Their belief is that since this is about destiny or fate, thus being born at that hour is what was meant for you.

You were given the time of birth simply because your destiny or past karmic energy dictates this will be your destiny during this lifetime.

Adjusted Time

Some masters will adjust your time back to the origin time before any government made any time adjustments. What is the origin time means?

So for example, if someone who lives in Malaysia, but was born at 9:10 after 1982 the master will as readjust and plot the Bazi according to 8:40 am simply because that was the time adjustment made by the Government of Malaysia after gaining independence.

Lunar Month Method

In this method, the practitioner adjust it back using the Lunar month instead of the Solar month. Very limited school does this for some reason but as I know there are a few schools who practices this in Malaysia as well as in Singapore.

Solar Time Method

Some other masters uses the adjusted time from our local time to solar time. So what is this Solar time? Solar time is a calculation of the passage of time based on the position of the Sun in the sky. The fundamental unit of solar time is the day. Two types of solar time are apparent solar time (sundial time) and mean solar time (clock time) that is based on a a mathematical model calculated by scientist. Of course I do not think this is possible say 1000 years ago.

My thoughts

Decoding destiny is a very high responsibility job and from my experience, many after reading several places and even after paying really a lot, could not get a real picture of their actual destiny. Some even got their lives wrong with the wrong advice. With the incorrect view comes a mis-guided advice so to speak.

I will not give a straight answer but rather readers after reading this article, should ponder upon which method sounds more logical to them and give it some thoughts. Of course it is also depended which school you graduate from. It’s your affinity & decision to choose which system to follow then.

Thus studying from an proven school is important if you are really serious about getting or giving a quality reading as a consultant.


2 thoughts on “Hour Of Birth In BaZi”

  1. How about if people born in 5 pm? It’s monkey hour or rooster hour? Also apply to transition hours, such as 1, 3, 7, 9, and 11 am/pm. Which animal sign to use?

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