Strategy Using BaZi

Donald Trump was born 14 June 1946 during the Si 巳 Hour or Snake hour and thus his 4 pillars of destiny or Bazi is shown below.

Natal Chart of Donald Trump

Bazi destiny reading is divided into 3 major parts. They are namely the Natal Chart, the Major Luck and the Minor Luck or sometimes commonly known as annual lucks. To any person, the most influential of the 3 is of course the Natal Chart followed by the Major Luck cycle. Major luck cycle changes every 10 years but to different people, it begins at different times of their lives. Some may start the luck at the age of 2 while some at the age of 9 for example.

Looking at the history of Donald Trump’s road to White House, he started to have this idea as early as 1988 but it becomes more evident in and around 2009. However, he dropped the idea during the 44th Presidential election (2011) but decided to pursue it this round.

Could it be that he thought he had better chance against Hillary over Obama? Well we can only guess what is in his mind.

donald trump-luck-cycle
Major Luck Cycle

The question is why in this 45th presidential election that he is so confident to enter the race to be the president? There could be many other reasons for that but let’s look at the Chinese astrology point of view or Bazi point of view and what it can offer.

In 2013, he is already into the major luck of Xin Chou 辛丑. So is Xin Chou better than the previous luck of Geng Zi 庚子 ?

To understand this, first we have to understand his Natal Chart.

Donald Trump Natal Chart

He is a Ji 己 earth day master and a pretty strong one too. His chart has no water element at all. Water element is Wealth to Donald. Thus many practitioners and students of BaZi is pretty puzzled over his chart that a person without water (wealth) element in the chart can be a Billionaire!

So how does it goes about? Well some practitioners classify his as Thriving Chart. A Thriving Chart is supposed to be without Officer. They say this is the case because they rationale that the Officer element of Jia 甲 is combined with the Day Master Ji 己 and has transformed. Firstly this is not really correct because the Day Master cannot be transformed away.

However, my analysis is that he is more of a Normal Chart but very Strong Resource Person. If this is the case, then water can also become his favourable element apart from Jia Wood (officer) and Fire (Resource). This is more of Flowing Qi structure. His less favorable element will be Earth (Parallel or Friends).


In dynamic ten gods structural reading, it is said that when Wealth 财supports Officer 官, fame and authority is achievable.

Strategic Timing – Major Luck Cycle

With the knowledge of Bazi, it can help us make some serious decision. In the case of Donald, could he had used this information to make the decision when to run for the President of USA election.? Let’s me do a simple analysis but focusing on his 2 major luck cycles with respect to his prospect of winning the elections.

Geng Zi 庚子 luck is also known as Output on Money started from 2003 right till 2012 thus this period he will make a lot of money but not authority. This is the luck where he started the show The Apprentice.

The last presidential election was in 2011 so technically he was still in this luck period. The lack of authority is because the Geng 庚- Jia 甲 had a clash on the Heavenly stems is also known as Hurting Officer clashing Officer.

Meanwhile, at the Earthly Branch, Zi 子 – Wu 午 clashed in the Branch. Zi – Wu clash is a clash between Wealth and Resource and this is not a good pursuit for authority.

Xin Chou 辛丑 luck is the Eating God on Parallel luck. When useful Eating God appears it is  said that an talent and celebrity icon appearing. Bing 丙 – Xin 辛 combined to cool down the chart. This allows the formation of Wealth supports Officer.

Thus if you compared the 2 major luck cycle, Xin Chou will favor more his objective of becoming a President.

Now that you know his unfavorable element, you can now watch how he will fair as the president especially in the year of Wu Xu 戊戌 2018. Hopefully with his strong belief in Feng Shui, he will ride past that year!

BaZi astrology is also can be used for strategic planning to view the overall picture in the future. This allows us to plan ahead and make decisions based on the possibilities of winning.

The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up!

It gives us a kind of indication if the timing is right to pursue our goals or otherwise. It also acts as a guide to help us decide if we should pursue or wait.

It is seldom, in my opinion, used to see every little things in our life. This can only lead to being a paranoia. Don’t laugh! the world today has many Chinese metaphysics crack pot walking around.



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