Wealth Luck – Do You Have What It Takes To Be Rich?

In Bazi (Chinese Astrology or Metaphysics), whether a person is born rich or poor or is self-made millionaire can be revealed in your personal destiny chart.  Your destiny chart is derived from your birthdate and time.  If you are not born rich but has the potential to become rich, your bazi chart can identify the timing, which is found in your 10-year luck pillar.  Wealth and success can come in many ways, such as, through career, own business, marriage, born rich, inheritance, and so on.

So, do you have what it takes to be wealthy?  By looking at your Bazi destiny chart, a Bazi consultant can decipher whether you have the ability to amass wealth.  In Bazi, the Hour pillar represents one’s career.  So, if your bazi chart has “Useful God” or “Noble Element” in the hour pillar, the chances of good career luck in life is there.  How the elements of Wealth, Output and Power in the chart interact with each other also plays a major determination for wealth analysis.

Sometimes, a chart shows that the person is born rich but does not have the capacity to maintain his wealth.  In this type of chart, the person may have favourable good quality “wealth” stars but do not have the “output” stars to support it.  In the study of Bazi, Output element produces Wealth element.  Hence, if a person do not have the Output star, he may not be able to hang on to his wealth.  As a matter of fact, Output star is more important than Wealth star, since Output star is the one that keeps continuously generate wealth for the Day Master.  Another possibility that the person cannot hang on to his wealth is due to presence of Rob Wealth stars.  This will result in the person spending more than he earned.

Some destiny charts do not have Wealth stars but have good quality Output and Power stars, and they are very successful persons.  If the Power or Influence stars are favourable to the Day Masters, they have the potential to hold high positions or status in their organizations; and have excellent career prospect.

So, how about running one’s own business, you may ask.  Some experts will say to look for Indirect Wealth star in the chart, as Indirect Wealth star relates to entrepreneurship and taking risks.  However, having Indirect Wealth star alone in your chart does not guarantee that you will succeed in business.  You will also need other stars like Direct Wealth (as this star relates to hard work), Output star such as “Eating God” (for creativity and long-term outlook) and a bit of Direct Resource star (because without sufficient Resources, it is not possible for any good luck to come into our lives).

I’m sure you all will agree with me that in order to be successful in one’s own business, you need to work very hard and be prudent, must be creative and innovative for business to take off and survive, and not forgetting a lit bit of luck on our side.

So, now that you know, do you have what it takes to be wealthy?  What does your Bazi destiny chart say about you?

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Auntie Rose


38 thoughts on “Wealth Luck – Do You Have What It Takes To Be Rich?”

  1. Hello.. i would like to seek some advice my dob january 25, 1983. manila male time 5:30 am. My life is not good eversince, yet i try to read books about bazi to learn about my chart. Im currently in my ding snake 10 year lp, what confuse me is that i am not sure if im a strong or weak dm. i hope this 10 lp of mine will change everything in my life. I have a partner shes a strong ren shen dm, she motivates me and help me. Shes like my noble person in my life right now because despite the hardship that i have in my life she believes that in the future i can have a much better life. i hope you can help me. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Than
      You are a fairly strong DM. It is very difficult to learn Bazi from books particularly if you dont read Chinese. I suggest you join our classes to have a good kick start in Bazi.
      Regards – JiaZi

  2. Hi, I have a strong EG & HO, third highest is IW, day master Yi Yin Wood, metal horse, female but little IR & zero DR. What should I do to succeed as u mention above “without sufficient Resource, good luck is hard to come” ?

    1. You have to look at the entire bazi to decide. Bazi is not so straight forward as 1+1=2.
      Bazi has over a million possibilities and each bazi has their strength and weakness.

  3. hi! i’m a weak ding fire in my 43-52 year luck pillar JI MAO. I have direct wealth on stem in hour pillar & indirect wealth in day, month & year earthly branches. my year pillar JI XOU is clash with JI MAO but my month pillar JIA XU combines with JI MAO..this month is Rabbit month..please confirm if there is a good day for me to look out for this month? my day pillar is DING CHOU & hour pillar is GENG ZI..tell me about uncivilised punishment in my hour pillar.

    1. Hi Alice,
      In Bazi, uncivilized punishment is not an universally accepted theory. Thus dont worry about it because from our experience, it is not a valid concept.
      Actually, you are not that a weak day master. The mao clash in your bazi is not serious thus no worries. Just go about your task as usual.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply. I’ve been following some write up about Bazi from different master. Recently a master points out that to analyze about career we shall look at month pillar. Please tell me something about career for Ding Chou daymaster born in winter (Ding Hai) month in the year of boar (Yi Hai), with only 1 wealth star (IW) hidden in Chou day pillar. [I understand that there is a self punishment relationship between month (Hai) & year (Hai)]

      2. Hi, we have done quite some readings and we find that month pillar to represent career is not that accurate. Well that is our findings. He is famous thus I am sure many will tend to trust him.
        The number of wealth star in a BaZi does not mean anything. It’s the overall BaZi structure that counts.
        In my new book “Winds of Change – Myth and Truth in Feng Shui & Bazi” you will find in Chapter 10, 2 examples of people without wealth stars in their BaZi.
        Punishment is a concept borrowed from other theories. It isnt’t a BaZi concept initially. It just means that what ever you do you are very hardworking and passionate to finish the job. So if you are an assassin, I am very scared of you..haha…just joking.

  4. Im a female born 18 feb 1984 at 2pm. The thing is its so difficult for me to earn for myself be it business or work. All lead to failure but I get more money from my husband. Even beforw I was married my former bf supported me substantially but I really want to be independent. What is wrong with my star

    1. Hi Mary,
      Just a quick pointer, you can do it just because 1) you lack the will power & focus 2) your environment is comfortable, thus you will not find the desperation to change. Nothing wrong with your stars just you need to understand your own Bazi.

  5. Hi there, may I know your thoughts on this please?
    In the hour pillar of a Weak Xin Day Master, is it advantageous or not so fortunate to have Yang (Geng Metal) at the HS, supported by a Tiger (Yang Wood) at the EB.
    Since the hour pillar reflects or signifies age 60 and above (some say from 52 onwards), will the good or bad effects of this hour pillar’s effects (Geng Metal, Tiger Yang Wood) take place during this period (when day master turns 52 or 60 onwards)?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Hisham,
      There are many theories to determine Strong and Weak Day Master. Thus until I can qualify it correctly, I may be giving you an erroneous answer.
      Then to determined if Geng Yin is favourable to the DM will also depends on the month and year pillars as well.
      Same goes with the hour pillar as you have pointed it out that different schools subscribe to different theories and hence the difference in the number of years they represent.
      To have a better discussion, the only way is to look at the entire BaZi.
      I know some schools like short cuts by reading a single pillar but personally I discourage this type of reading.


      1. Thank you JiaZi. Gosh, I can’t even remember asking this of you. Thanks again.

  6. Hi, some ppl said my daymaster is trapped and some said its strong. I am a Female Xin metal born in Chen dragon month with the Xin metal rooted at the earthly branch of day pillar. If I am considered as strong, is my chart considered an average one ,since none of my luck pillars hv Fire or wood elements? thanks!
    15/4/92, 11.30am,Malaysia

    1. Hi Mich88, I do not know what they mean by your DM is trapped.
      You are a strong DM. You have a strong personality as well.
      Bazi is not read in the way of Strong needs to be weaken or Weak DM needs to be strengthened.
      You already have a good Bazi in general.
      Luck cycle will fluctuate around the Natal Chart but since your natal chart is pretty good already, you should have some achievement in life or comes from a good family Background.

  7. Hi there Jiazi, Could you please clarify something for me? In the general article about it is said it would be advantageous for a Day Master to have Direct Wealth, Eating God, Direct Resource stars in the hopes of achieving wealth. But what if a person has all these elements, including Indirect Wealth and Indirect Resource but while the resource stars are favourable, the wealth stars and creative Eating God are unfavourable elements to the weak Day Master. How will having DW or IW or the Influence/Power stars (which are also unfavourable) be advantageous or of any good use?

      1. Gosh, it does seem to get more and more complicate as we move along. But thanks much for your time and input Alan. Warm regards and good luck always, to you.

      2. Welcome, do visit our website from time to time for new postings or you may click the Follow button on the sidebar.
        However, once you got the right concept, I am sure things will be much clearer. Our class schedule is on the next page. Thanks

  8. Hi there again, another question for you if you don’t mind.

    Can you tell me if there is such a thing as Famous or Powerful or Successful Entrepreneurial Weak Day Masters? If so, how can this be?

    When someone is born a Weak Day Master, like for instance, a Weak Xin Metal Day Master, what is unfavourable to him would usually be the Influence/Power (Bing and Ding – DO and 7K) Wealth (Jia and Yi – DW and IW) and Output (Gui and Ren – EG and HO) Elements, namely, for the Xin Metal person – they are Fire, Wood and Water respectively.

    Now, if these elements are UNFAVOURABLE to the Day Master, then how would he or she ever hope to be either Powerful, or Wealthy or Successful, because, well, the elements are Unfavourable for him or her to begin with.

    And when these unfavourable elements pop up in the annual and luck pillars, wouldn’t this be even worse for any Weak Day Master? What chance does a Weak Day Master have for any kind of success in life if this is the case?

    Please help me understand this. Thank you greatly.

      1. Am actually considering joining a class; not sure with whom yet and not for now, as it is still the Ramadan month. Thank you for your offer though.

        Ps, Clicked on your Follow tag a couple of times but I jsut could not get in.

      2. Hi Hisham,
        Once you have click it should change the status from “Follow” to “Following”. Its not very obvious actually the changes. I got confused too in the beginning.
        For us, we do not read BaZi as in Strong DM needs to be weaken via Output/Wealth/Power or vice versa. The way we read Bazi is quite different from many schools. We uses a lot of Nature as well as Noble Elements. Our definition of Strong/Weak DM is also different but in this respect we are very precise in our criteria.
        Take for example this person’s chart, If he is defined as Strong DM, he has a Strong Wealth Robber & a resource besides but they are both weak. If one defines him as weak then he should not be able to achieve much. But this is not the way BaZi is read. For me he is weak DM but still can achieve much.
        Happy Ramadan Month.

  9. Thank you for the brief and wish. Still can’t get through though. Clicking on +Follow and I repeatedly get “This Site Can’t Be Reached.”

    1. By the way, in your last message, by saying, “If one defines him as weak, then he should not be able to achieve much,” are you alluding to the fact that it would be quite difficult or near to impossible for a Weak Day Master to even smell success or get to any peak in their career, life or business?

  10. Hi, I’m born on 8th October 1992, 8.43am. In the past few years, my life has started to fall apart. I’m a college student but my family, finances, studies and health(both physical and mental) have all taken very hard hits, my future seems highly uncertain and bleak now. I have both Yin Fire as both of my Daymasters and some have said my Chart is very weak and my problems are only to be expected… I would like to seek some advice on what attitude I should adopt. I hope you will be able to help me.. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Cheng
      No worries, it is just this luck cycle that is Unfavourable for you but you are not a weak day master. Your bazi is a kind where you either choose status or money. If you choose status or to look good you will not have money.
      Born in the dog month, it is expected that you will have to start off on a rough patch initially.
      Keep going, you career will be promising.

  11. Hi Im female born on June 29 1989 6:13 am, I’m striving hard since I was 17 years old but I’m feeling tired because I felt all my effort are not paying it back.

    I hope you give me a brief advice.

    Thank you

  12. Hello, i was born on 11th of December 1985 at 1:14 PM , female.
    I started a sport business at the end of 2017, can you give me please some advise how my wealth chart looks like?

  13. Hi Master,

    I am born on 4th July 1974 9:30am. Please advise. Is my Bazi very bad. I am unlucky since 2004 until now. Dont understand why. It is said my structure is Yue Ren which is no good. In my bazi there is 2 rob wealth star.

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