Destiny Analysis Report

Bazi Analysis 

We offer Bazi Destiny Analysis or Bazi  Consultation.

Scope :-

You may ask regarding any of the 2 categories :

  1. Wealth/Career
  2. Marriage/Romance
  3. Health
  4. Children Luck
  5. Marriage compatibility or Business Partner compatibility. (2 person’s bazi is required)

Full Reading Coverage : Reading will cover from Bazi  Natal Chart to Current Major Luck to Annual Luck (current year + next year).

Mode: Email or Face to Face at our office  45 mins (Recommended).

(Please allow 3 – 5 working days to receive your Bazi Report after payment is made.  At times, it may take longer, depending on the time schedule of the consultants.  You will be advised accordingly. Thank You.)

Bazi Destiny Analysis Information Required

To purchase a Bazi Report, please email us at

Information required from you are as follows:-

1) Date of birth and Time of birth

2) Sex

3) Name & Email address & phone (Malaysian)


Our Price  2017 :-

Full Reading

a) Local Clients (within Malaysia) – RM200 (email or face to face at our office)

b) Overseas Clients – USD 50


Please check with us for payment methods which is usually Paypal or local transfer to Public Bank.