BaZi Marriage For Money

Why do ancient Chinese parents wants to read the Bazi of their future son or daughter in law and match it to their children? This is because they believe that being foretold is to prevent simply because human is actionable being and not a tree. While we may not able about everything, we can certainly minimize the impact of the problems.

Marriage is a very important decision in one’s life. In Chinese philosophy, there is a saying:

Meeting the Wrong Person at the Wrong time brings Disaster.
Meeting the Right Person at the Wrong time brings Regret.
Meeting the Wrong Person at the Right time brings Pain and Sadness.
Meeting the Right Person at the Right time is called Happy & Fulfilling Life.

Many people are suffering in silence after years in marriage and seeking family counseling, some go for religious counseling, some turn to radio programs to vent their frustrations and of course friends and Bazi Consultant too are not spared.

Thus you can imagine the impact of that decision. In the spur of the moment one proposes a marriage or to say “Yes!” changes the course of one’s life. This is precisely in the ideology of Bazi can never be 100% accurate especially when reading on the subject of marriage. The other part of the answer actually lies in your future partner’s Bazi.

One may marry a rich husband but he is a bully! While you may read from your Bazi that you will have a rich husband, what’s the point since you have not known that he is actually a bully!

One also may wonder, before marriage he was a nicest man on earth but now he is a different person. That is because in Bazi there are 3 ways to tell the quality of the spouse. The 2 most commonly known method are the Spouse Palace and the Direct Officer.

This is a Chart of women who married a husband and found out later that he was only after her money. In BaZi Astrology this can be seen from her chart. If she has already known about it way before marriage, perhaps it would be other options that she could have chosen.

While the actions may not fully avoid this type of husband since emotions does run high when one is in love 😍, sometimes even with early warning one still chooses to thread the path.

However if it shall happens & to find out very much later then there is no need to feel regretful. Just move on and find a solution to resolve the matter.

If its in your destiny, you will attract such man into your life, it’s not like you can choose to say, “I don’t want this element in my chart”. It is not so simple as pressing a DELETE button. Accept what is given and life can be less an agony. Our current destiny is to some large extent a reflection of our past Karmic account.

The key clue is in your BaZi but how to access the quality of the marriage and quality of the spouse?. With the appropriate knowledge and understanding of Destiny, we can then formulate the right actions to re-correct the mistakes we have done. Destiny is not fixed, it can be altered but the alteration needs time and effort as well on top of the right understanding.

However, to avoid a problem before it happens versus correcting the problem after it has happened is like a difference between carrying 1 kg versus 30 kg.

BaZi Chart Analysis

In the above chart has already can see why this lady will likely have a husband who only loves her money but what lead her to this predicament? It is because she is seldom does her due diligence. She is a person who is quick to make decisions and appears gullible when it comes to accessing human beings or relationships. Thus in the midst of emotion surge for marriage or something to this effect, she marries a man who’s intention was to take advantage of her wealth.

She put her focus into work so much and making the money but in the end, the hard work ended up giving her more heart ache.

BaZi Spouse Palace

She should also watch her actions and words so as not to hurt the spouse. She should stay calm and not get on the nerves too easily. The Spouse Palace has the Goat element which will accentuate this.

Sometimes what is destined for us, it is going to happen and there are no shortcuts in life such as lucky charms etc. We just have to go through it. The difference is that if the person had some idea about her destiny, then perhaps the outcome is less painful emotionally for her. The next best cushion life has to offer is using Feng Shui. At least this is the traditional Chinese view.

Foretold is Forewarned

Learning the Correct Way in BaZi is the First Step…



4 thoughts on “BaZi Marriage For Money”

  1. Hi, just wondered what it is about this chart which makes it susceptible to a spouse who was only after the woman’s money. Can you be more specific?

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