Peach Blossom Luck

What is Peach Blossom?  Peach Blossom are stars found in the animal signs of Rabbit, Horse, Rooster and Rat in a Bazi Chart.  Many single ladies would love to have Peach Blossom stars in the Bazi chart, as it represents opportunities to meet Mr Right.   These stars give the person the attractiveness that drawn people to them.  It has nothing to do with beauty in the woman or handsomeness in the man.  Even an average looking man or woman with Peach Blossom stars in their chart will attract or drawn people into their lives.  However, beware!  Peach Blossom stars can also bring along relationship problems, depending on whether these stars are favorable to you or otherwise.

According to the Classics, “When Officer bring along peach blossom, there will be blessing, happiness, prosperity and good fortune.”  The Classics also says, “Killing bring along peach blossom will be poor and lowly.”  So, what does they mean?  Let us explore further.

For example, if there is Direct Officer on the Month Stem and sits on Peach Blossom star, say Rabbit, in the Month Branch, this is Officer brings along a Peach Blossom.  Depending on which Day Master, the Peach Blossom star can denote another woman, in which case, this is a bad peach blossom.  But if the Peach Blossom does not represent another woman, then this could be a good Peach Blossom.  In this case, it can mean the man knows how to give in to his woman or knows how to take care of his woman.  It can also mean the woman knows how to give in to her man or knows how to take care of her man.

Below is a real life case study of bad peach blossom stars:-

This is a Female Xin Day Master.   She has three Peach Blossom stars in Horse, Rooster and Rabbit in Year, Month and Day Branch respectively.  Let us take a peep at all the three peach blossom stars and see what are inside these stars.

Her Direct Officer star in Year Stem is sitting on her peach blossom of Horse (7 Killings Star) in branch.  This means her husband star sits on her boyfriend star.  Or it can mean that her husband star sits on her “decision” since 7 Killing star represents decisiveness.  It thus translates into her husband will listen to her and she will make decision for him.  This is exactly the real life case.  Her first husband is under her control and she made all decisions and expected him to follow.  Her husband subsequently passed away, and later she met another man who became her second husband.

Her 7 Killings star in Month Stem is sitting on her peach blossom of Rooster.  Rooster (Friend Star)  represents another woman.  Thus her boyfriend star is sitting on her peach blossom star, another woman.   In real life, this lady’s second husband is already involved with another woman prior to their marriage and continue to do so even after marriage.  Subsequently, she divorced him.

Her 3rd peach blossom star of Rabbit sits on the Day Master.  When the peach blossom star is in the spouse palace, it means the relationship with the husband or boyfriend is generally good.  However, her spouse palace has a clash with her Friend Star in the month branch.  It can imply marriage problem and her man is involved with another woman or it can imply her man is a married man.  In real life, the 3rd man in her life is a married man but spends most of the time with her and is an opened and loving relationship.

So, now you understand more of peach blossom star, do you want it in your chart? That is why most Bazi experts say it’s better not to have too many peach blossom stars, particularly in a woman’s chart.  One good quality star is enough.


Auntie Rose


29 thoughts on “Peach Blossom Luck”

  1. Will u please elaborate on Female Ding Fire Day Master whose peach blossom stars is in hour pillar Geng Zi & year pillar Ji You in her luck pillar of Ji Mao (peach blossom luck)

    1. Hi Yeo, Peach Blossom star is just a star but it can be good or bad to a person and it is not advisable to read bazi based on pillar in singular.
      It’s risky and inaccurate. If you are really interested in Bazi, you should get some serious study.

  2. Hi, I hv some doubts to clear
    If I have a negative friend star under my daymaster, means there is chances of extramarital affair? The 7k star is at the earthly branch if hour pillar,which means spouse may comes from abroad n younger than me n marriage occur at age 30yrs above? Thx

    1. Hi Liselle, No it does not mean that a “bad” friend star will mean extramarital affair. No, it does not mean 7k in Hour pillar the spouse comes from abroad or younger. Again it does not necessarily mean marriage above 30 of age. If you get marry, your spouse is likely to be close to your age which could be a little younger or little older of course.

  3. I have indirect wealth (wood) siting on top of my indirect wealth (rabbit) in the month branch and direct resource (earth) sitting on top of (horse fire) in the year branch.

    I’m a weak metal.

    i have another friend star siting on the rabbit in the hour pillar.

    by right I should be surrounded by money or girls. but since I doing my own startup. I’m always at home. what should I do to get over my divorce?

    1. Hi BaziConsult,

      If 7K sitting on top of F (her peach blossom star) means another woman, what does it mean if 7K is sitting on top of RW and HO?

      1. 7k sits on friend may not mean another woman. 7k on RW or friend may be good but provided if if RW FR is unfavourable. Same logic with HO. Reading bazi cannot be fixated with “rules”. This is the greatest bazi flaw what famous schools have installed in many learners mind.

  4. Hello,

    In the year branch I have horse, zheng guan (Direct officer), zheng yin (Direct resource), and pian yin (Indirect resource).
    Only 1 peach blossom animal (horse) in chart.
    1 more DO in hour branch
    3 Shang guan (Hurting officer) in hour, day, month branches.
    What does this mean?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. It’s easier that you show your BaZi and make known your sex. You know some bazi so you should know, it is hard to answer your questions without a complete information.

  5. Bazi (Female)
    丙   庚   乙   戊  
    子   辰   丑   午  

    Peach blossom, Horse, in year pillar has Direct officer in Horse.
    7k sits on Peach blossom, Rat, in hour pillar.

    This means has husband and boyfriend at the same time?
    Husband (Direct officer in Horse, year pillar) who is 5 years older.
    Boyfriend (7k sit on Rat) who is from overseas and younger.

    Is it correct?

    Thank you 🙂

  6. My Year, Month and Hour pillars have DO and my Day pillar have 7K, does that mean I have difficulty in my relationship? Can I meet my Mr Right? About when?

  7. Hi, i had my chart read by a friend and she said my life is kinda full of struggle and since my wed was cancelled a year ago, so i am now a bit traumatic with love. She also said that my future hubby probably from live at overseas/ study abroad & older than me.. which of my chart implies that? can u help explain it to me?
    hour: 7k, IW, IR
    day: DW, 7K, DR
    month: -, DW, DO
    year: 7K, IW, IR

    thank you

    1. Here is your Bazi.
      Your Bazi to the convenience of reading
      Firstly, you could ask your friend to explain it to you since I think she should be generous to explain since she already did her reading for you.
      She is referring to the Ji element in your chart found on the Year Heavenly Stem.
      However your future husband is near you but you will discover this sometime later.

      1. Thank you for the insight. Well, i’m not close to this friend who read mine. We just happened to meet.
        May i know what is the meaning of many 7K and IW or IR in my chart? are they something bad? what is my peach blossom star? and what i should be aware of?

        Thank you

  8. Hi, I just came into luck pillar of 7K over DO, which is Bing Wu. Does that mean poverty “poor and lowly” as per the classics?

  9. Hi, how about mine?
    dating/marriage lots of up and down too?
    still single tho…
    female 12/april/1987 19:25
    thank you

  10. Hi, My birth date is August 19, 1962; born 12 noon in the Philippines; Female; Weak Earth day master
    What is my correct general peach blossom animal and my inner peach blossom animal?
    I am confused because I read in one chart my general peach blossom animal is a horse but it said in another chart it is a rabbit. For my inner peach blossom animal, I read it is a dragon. Is this correct?
    I want to activate my social life and gain more friends, what do I need to do to achieve this?
    My relationship with my husband is not favorable. How can I cure our clashes. His birth date June 4, 1967, Time: 15:00, Philippines. Is my marriage prone to extra-marital affairs?
    Thank you.

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