BaZi Born Rich

RichardLi is the youngest Son of billionaire Li Ka Shing and was born on 8 Nov 1966.

He left home at age thirteen to be educated at Menlo School in Atherton, California.

He is well known as a person who has many ladies in his life ranging from Isabella Leung, Karmen Kwok, Rachael and many more. Some even have had children with him.

By his own indirect admission, Richard Li has confirmed what many have suspected for a long time, that he absolutely cannot get along with his father Li Ka-shing.

How does his astrology chart reveal his relationship with women ?

60 pillar reading – Xin Wei

Single pillar reading favored by some Bazi practitioners, 辛未 day pillar is said that “Marriage is good for Xin Wei. They are willing to form long lasting and stable relationships with their partner. However, early marriage is not good for them since they need time to allow to matured.”

Very clearly single pillar reading is deceiving and misleading. How can we rely on this method to dispense a crucial advice that will affect one person’s life ? Would you do it or would you like your destiny be read this way ?

Peach Blossom Star

He has only Wu 午 unless there are other in the hour pillar. Often Wu is also known as the Peach Blossom Star or Tao Hua.

Related imageWhat makes him such a flamboyant with women? Is single pillar reading accurate and reliable for a good Bazi Reading? Is having a single Peach Blossom star qualifies one attractive with women?

The answer lies in the Bing, Wu, Hai, Ji, Wei and Xin as his day master! haha in short in his Bazi! I will not read all here but I just would like to highlight the Ji earth which means caring, sensitive, gentle nature. Which women would not like a man what is the above and rich ? 

What About His Relationship With His Dad ?

Richard is known to be not in his dad’s book especially when it comes to his choice of spouse. Was this foretold in this Bazi Astrology Chart?

There are several key reasons why he has not had a amicable relationship with his father and this can be reveal in the Season. He is born in the Hai 亥 month or the beginning of Winter or if translated to 10 Gods is known as the Hurt Officer or Shang Guan structure. This when combined with few other key points in his Bazi Chart, will reveal this shortcomings in his chart. Once he knows this, then he will find a better way to improve this part with his dad!

BaZi Born Rich!

Image result for silver spoon clipartMost interesting of all, if you were never told that this is the Chart of Richard Li, would you think this chart shows any signs of rich man? After learning and reading so many charts, I do believe human’s success is to a large extent was already inscribe in their Date and Time of birth or in another term BaZi (8 characters). He was born with a silver spoon was without a good reason.

His Bazi has several useful god or yong shen 用神 and one in particular is the season of birth or the Hai 亥. The others are the Resource 印 & Proper Officer 正官 as well. 

Having useful god in one’s Bazi can prove one’s level of success in life. Thus it is not so much about the self motivation like the morning mirror self pep talk that will bring one to the top of the world but being born on the right date and time is most important. Once this platform is available, the rest is just some effort to walk on it & success is waiting there for you. However, if we are not given this platform, no matter how hard one work, the success level is defined at some limit.

I know this sounds a little disappointing but I am not here to sell you false hope but rather to encourage you to see through the reality of life and formulate your own way to find your happiness and fulfillment in this lifetime. Of course the definition of it is different from individual to individual.



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