It’s In Your Hands

A sage once met a cynical young man who wanted to outwit him in front of the villagers….

He thought to himself,  “Here’s a trick to prove the old man wrong!  I will ask him to predict if  this little bird in my hand is dead or alive…If he says it’s alive, I will crush it to death but if he says it’s dead, I will set it free.”

So he approached the sage and asked  “Oh learned one!  Can you tell me if the little bird in my hand is alive or dead?”

The sage saw the young man’s trick and replied…”Son, the answer is in your hands!”

…..So you see, indeed the Destiny is in our hands to some extent and not entirely engraved on rocks, but to know how to manage it well, we first need to know what was given at birth and to do that, is by understanding our Date of Birth or our Bazi.

Come listen to Master Benson, Live at Subang Square KL, this 30th March at 10.00am……to better understand what’s installed for us at birthright.

Book your seats at

It is FREE and Limited seats are available only.


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