13th Malaysia General Election – Can The Date Tell Us Something?

As Malaysia is heading for the 13 General Elections all parties are gearing up for eventuality.

The ruling government forming the National Front (NF) has been in power since independence in 1957. The current government is facing a lot of pressure from the opposition in this 13th GE. Prime Minister Najib has faced many controversies in his administration from corruption, poor economic performance, abuse of power, increased crime rate, racial division, Lynas Plant and others.

The current opposition group which comprise loosely of 3 main parties of PKR, DAP and PAS. All 3 parties have something in common and that is for people’s justice and for the betterment of the nation. The de facto leader of the loose pack of Pakatan Rakyat is Anwar Ibrahim who was the Deputy PM during the administration of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir.

After the worst defeat in the history of NF in 2008 which saw the loss of 4 major states, PM Najib is now under a lot of pressure to defend or recapture the lost states.

Last 1 year of so, NF has introduced many goodies for the people and also have started some reforms notably the changes in the Internal Security Act (ISA) which was view as draconian.

Now that the date of vote casting has been fixed on the 5th of May 2013, we can now join in the excitement of the 13th GE by making an analysis on the Date itself.

Although life’s outcome has many factors, such as personal efforts, feng shui etc…nonetheless it is good to put what we have learn into practice and make informed guesses. This is anyway the purpose of metaphysics, that is, to help us make better decisions in absence of all available facts and figures.

Here is the Bazi Chart of PM Najib:


Where as Anwar’s is:


This is the Bazi of 5th May. I choose the hour of Shen (3-5pm) because the last vote is to cast before 5pm.


A note of advice before we attempt the analysis is that, in Bazi system, it is supposed to have 4 pillars or 8 characters but we only have 3 pillars for both candidates since hour is not available and accuracy of date of birth may be questionable but nonetheless we attempt.

Let’s see on this day and time, who has a better chance of being the 6th PM of Malaysia.

From the Bazi point of view, PM Najib is said to be of a higher structure simply because of the beauty of the environment of his bazi. It explains well why his ancestors and parent are well to do and powerful. PM Najib belongs to the day master of Yi Wood or Small Plant.

Anwar on the other hand does not such a high noble structure but instead rely on his Wealth Robber structure to assist him. Nonetheless, Anwar has a good 7k to help him in his career by the way he can command the crowd.  Anwar belongs to the day master of Xin Metal of Gold.

The point is, who will reign supreme on May fifth? Can  Date Selection assist a person in his endeavour?

The date falls into the season of fire with the Si 巳on the branch and so happen this is the year of the Snake as well. Snake has the element of Bing Fire. The day has the support of it’s resource in Wei. The land is indeed dry. Can dry land do well for Xin?

Luckily in the Year Stem there is some water represented by the element Gui to help. Bing Xin combination also bring Water.

Also we see Gui Water clash with Ding Fire.

So much for describing the Day’s Bazi. So summing up my conclusion below.

This day favours both Day master but seems that Anwar has slight advantage from the energy of the day May 5th because he seems to have strong supporters from ally and the day’s Bazi environment is favouring his element.

Najib is strong too on this day but negative news or supporter may sabotage him causing him to loose slightly in terms of winning chances.

However, based on the 3 pillars of both candidate the outcome will be marginal for both. If Najib wins it will be a marginal one and same goes to Anwar. Perhaps a simple majority is best for Malaysians?

We shall see how Date selection can help increase/decrease our chances in any endeavour we plan to undertake, may it be for power, money or health.


Post Election Summary: Updated 6-May-2013

Opposition People’s Pact (DAP, PAS, PKR) lead by Anwar has won additional 7 Parliment seats from National Front.

Interesting figure: (For 220 parliamentary seat, 2seats yet to announce)

NF obtained 5,147,632votes or 46.78% but won 133 (59.9%) seats
PP obtained 5,486,405votes or 49.86% but won 86 (38.74%) seats
Other obtained 202,420votes or 1.84% but won 1 (0.45%) seat

PM Najib won Pekan Seat with 51278 vs 2008 26464 but Pekan a town has a sudden surge of votes? In 2008 there were 58.2k (82% turnout) vs 2013 80.4k ( 84% turnout) voters. So if we look at the percentage 2013 makes his win at 63.7% vs 2008 at 62.4%. A 1.3% increase in votes.

Anwar won Permatang Pauh Seat at 37,090 votes with a majority of 11721 votes.  2008 was contested by the Wife as he was barred from elections. If you look at the statistics in 2008 the winning percentage was 51.8% vs this GE at 51.5%. A 0.3% drop in votes. Permatang Pauh also saw an increase of voters from 58,449 to 71,808 people.

Anwar’s Justice party PKR increased their sits in the parliament from 23 to 28 in this GE.

Has the Date of Voting influenced the results of the GE result for the leaders of the 2 parties?


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