Bazi: Industry Based Career

Recently students was asking during class if we should classify a person’s career based on favorable elements? It’s like saying, if water is our favorable element, should we work as a tour guide or start a water bottling company in order to be successful?

Here are some example of common industry by Element:

Water Industry : overseas travelling, Marine, Naval seal, spa, fire fighting, aquarium, cold beverages, soya sauce, sportsman, magician, illusionist, outdoor journalist, outdoor newscaster, swimming coach, cleaning companies, casino, sailing, yacht, retailing, stocks and shares etc…

Wood Industry : Cultural profession, novelist, writer, teacher, professor, relating to the educational business, publisher, carpentry, botanist, florist, plantation, paper, doctor, timber, wood furniture, textile etc…

Earth Industry : Real estate and property related, architecture, building, construction, pet shop, storage & warehousing, pawn shop, antiques, building materials, renovator, ceramics, demolition etc…

Fire Industry :  psychologist, artist, graphic designer, computer and computer related industries, electronics, mobile phones, beautician, cosmetics, fuel, singer, dancer, movie celebrities etc…

Metal Industry :Financial, banks, insurance, gold, machining, mining, car maker, key, hardware, glass, accountancy, auditor, military, police, security, debt collector etc.

This is an often debated topic and for those who has experienced it will know best. To answer this, first we have to review back the fundamentals of Bazi reading.

Bazi is a snap shot of our make up or energy that is stored in our physical body. It compel us to behave in certain ways so that the drama of life called destiny is fulfilled.

Bazi for Test

Thus it is not the industry that we are in that is important. The reason is and especially true today with modernization, that many industry is difficult to be clearly classified. For example, is computer a Fire industry? What about a computer design engineer? Fire within Water or Water within Fire industry?

bazi julyDuring the course, students finally got the answer after a few case studies, clearly showing that this approach of “finding luck” by basing your career on the industry of lucky element of your Bazi 八字 or 4 Pillars to be inadequate and misleading.


15 thoughts on “Bazi: Industry Based Career”

  1. How about managerial or counseling role in a company. May I know what element does it belong to?

    And lets say, if I am a legal manager in Company A and this company is involved in telecommunication industry . To look for the relevant element, which one shall prevail?


    1. Industry Element is inadequate to provide an accurate description rather from our Bazi we should decide if managerial position is suitable or otherwise.
      If one is a legal manager, does he has the rightful traits to be a successful one.

  2. Dear Master Benson,

    I’ve heard many Bazi/Feng Shui masters refer to the stock market as Fire element, and in Feng Shui, star 9 (fire element) also relates to investment.

    However, you consider stocks/shares belong to Water industry, and some other Feng Shui masters also consider star 1 (Water element) as relating to stock market/shares.

    Could you please advise as to which theory/concept is correct, and thank you very much for your help and time.



  3. Dear Sir,

    I’m so sorry I thought you’re Master Benson because I saw his book here. Since you’re the author of this article, could you please help with my questions above instead?

    Thank you very much for your time and advice.



  4. I’m a Wood OX. So I should choose to work in a Wood element industry or an industry which helps wood to grow like Water industry?

    1. Bazi as per ZiPing System, does not look at the year pillar to decide. It takes into consideration of all the 4pillars (Hour, Day, Month, Year) to decide what is your useful element. Sorry I have not answer to your question.


  5. Hi Bazi Consult! Medical professions such as: massage therapist, reflexotherapist, kinetotherapist, what element belong to? Is fire/ water/ wood element, or a combination of them? Thanks.

  6. Im born on 11 april 1980 8.30pm.. Jia wood DM , currently doing tyre shop business.. in my bazi, what element i need or what kind of element business i can do ? Tq

  7. Hello Master, my Day Master element is Yin Wood.Which professions and type of industries most suitable to me?
    Thank you.

    1. We dont subscribe to this way of reading. This is erroneous but something that is so widely said in the society thus many still think like the way you describe. Perhaps You may want to reread the article. Thank you

  8. Dear Sir, my hour pillar is yin water / yin wood, daymaster is yang water, month pillar is yin water/ yin metal rooster, which career do u see best? rob wealth, analyst, friend, thank u

  9. The following person is a male and has the following chart:
    Hour     Day        Month       Year
    Ren       Wu         Ding           Ren
    Zi           Xu          Wei            Wu
    According to the Blind Man school, the intention of this birth chart is to control wealth and he is probably destined to be a businessman, if I am not wrong. However, this person seems to have never dreamt of being a businessman and instead wants to be some sort of sage-like politician or some kind of military leader. How can I know whether this person is lying? Or is the problem something else?

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