A Painful Divorce

Couples are very excited when they were courting and even more excited when they decided to tie the knot. Those are the usual emotions that surrounds the couple. Its a cloud 9 feeling and it feels like they have struck a goal in their life. They can add this to the list of achievements.

Things some how starts to change over the years. Yes! Change is the Only Constant. People change, feelings changes. As a Bazi consultant, I have met so many divorce cases and some of them may not have happened if they knew their destiny earlier on.

Malaysia divorce rate statistics. 2020 there were 184,589 marriages and 45,754 divorce. It’s 25% !

Lee Hom has divorced and the divorce was a painful one because not only there were loss of wealth but at the same time the wife has divulged many things about his personal life into the public. It happened in December of 2021.

It is no doubt even with a quick look, this is a good Destiny chart 命 without even considering the Luck 大运 cycles. This is why Chinese believe so much that having a good Destiny 命 is most important!

From the Bazi perspective, it happened when he just entered the major luck 大运 of Wu Xu 戊戌. This major luck sees the Xu 戌 clashing with the Chen 辰 and this many problems including loss of fans.

On the heavenly stem side, the Wu戊 combined with the Gui 癸 and this too did not bring good outcomes. Firstly, the combination brings in more fire which is already bad for the Ji 己 earth day master 日主 that was born in summer. This is also the reason why he suffers loss of credibility and fame. This fire also represented his mother. The mother was also a reason for his woes especially with the wife.

2021 is when we see another combination between Bing 丙 and Xin 辛 while at the Earthly Branch Zi 子and Chou 丑 combination and brings out more earth Parallel which just don’t bode well for him. Students who have learn the Nature’s way can add in the palaces reading yourself. You will get the whole picture in Bazi technical terms.

Gui which represents his wealth and wife is weakened in this luck. thus he is into a rough path this coming 10 years. Gui 癸 is one of his Useful God 用神 and in Nature’s Way of Bazi, losing a Useful God is a big no no.

We wish Lee Hom the best and move on with life.

Learning Bazi is fun but you will need to learn the correct method in order to read them more accurately.

“By all means get marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher” – Socrates




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