An Unfullfilled Marriage

A beautiful Actress who father died shortly after she was born. She grew up with the mother and sisters.

In her 15 year major luck cycle of Bing Chen 丙辰 she got into singing and acting school and her career progressed.

She got involved with the son of a rich tycoon surnamed Li in Hong Kong. She had gave birth to first son in 2009 & then a twins in 2010 with him but the father did not wanted to admit her into the family thus they stayed unmarried. She separated with this boyfriend in 2011. All these happened within the luck cycle of Bing Chen 丙辰.

The question is why she could not get into a rich man’s family or could not gained the recognition?. Is this due to the mean Father in law or it was a case of her own Bazi, a story foretold when she was born.

All these have or was written in her BaZi chart, she merely acted upon the destiny flow.

Her Bazi


Women traditionally is very much dependent on 2 major factors that will affect her life and this is true at least at the time when Bazi was created few thousand years ago. One is the husband and the other is the marriage.

One will ask aren’t they the same? For me it’s different, you may have a good husband but same time an unfulfilled marriage. How is that so you may ask?

This lady has “husband” but her problems was mainly coming from the marriage which also include the in-laws.

Her BaZi Analysis

Husband in her chart is represented by the Wood element while the Father in Law is represented by the Earth Element. You may see that in her chart, Earth element is overwhelming and thus not favourable for her. Why is it the husband not able to help her and persuade the father? It is also pretty clear in her chart.

Her poor marriage luck stems from the You – Wu (酉 – 午 ) sitting side by side. This causes havoc in a marriage for the Ji earth 己 day master.

Is destiny fated? If one makes it in life, it is because Heaven had said so in our Bazi! Effort was just the production machinery to realize the destiny. Without Effort, nothing can be realised.

If it is to happen, what can we do about it? We can try to mitigate it with appropriate actions but we can do so only if we know it before hand so that we can and hopefully, have the time to correct or alter the course of destiny before it happens.

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