Bazi Is Not For Fun

Single Pillar Reading

Sometimes I get funny questions from people around the world who probably had learned a little of Bazi here and there and probably got lost along the way.

The question was “Is single pillar valid such as having an Alternative Officer (popularly known 7 Killings) as below the day master is bad or indicates a violate person?”.

Just because Johnny Depp has it and Amber accused him of beating her, does it represents the truth at large or just a coincidence? In the end Amber lost her case and proven that she was just making up stories about Johnny. People do not do enough research but rather believe in popular guy’s words without checking the facts.

Secondly, if single pillar reading is valid, then Zi Ping would not have made Bazi System or 4 pillars of destiny right? He would have stick to the old system of single pillar zodiac reading. If you cannot accept 4 pillars reading, then you should quit BaZi.

Moral Issue

Now I know it can be funny in a party to make fun by throwing one a single pillar reading to start off a conversation at a club or a gay bar or even a birthday party. I guess most people would not take things seriously there and then.

However, it is not funny if you are doing a reading with the intention to help people to understand their destiny or give them new directions in life. It is not funny at all because this dealing with people’s life!

Imagine for a moment you go travelling in a foreign country and was asking for direction and you met a “local” guy who starts pointing you to the wrong direction. Imagine the frustration of wasting your time and money and possibly fell down because he pointed you to the wrong place?

Please do not think that this is funny at any moment.

Bazi reading is serious business. It can change the course of one’s life and destination.

Johnny Depp Bazi or 4 Pillars

We have to look at the entire Bazi or 4 pillars to draw a conclusion if the person is indeed a violent person. Relying solely on 10 Gods system alone is inadequate.

How does it look like when a guy has Officer as the favourable element be considered violent in Bazi context?

Once I was doing consulting and the client asked me if he was in good luck cycle? I replied yes and he will see progress in his career and life in general. He nodded yes! but yet his face frowned. I asked why?

He told me that few years ago, he went for a Bazi reading at a famous Bazi consulting company here in Malaysia and was told that this luck would have been a bad one. As a result of her advice, he did everything very conservatively.

On hind sight, if he had gotten the correct advice, he could have achieved more! Now he has lost six years of opportunity. Curse!

So next time when you think you have funny bone, think again, touch your heart and ask yourself. Remember the police may not catch you but Karma will certainly.

For a better world – Alan Chong



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