Destiny Is A Child

It has been a while I have blog and honestly speaking, has been kinda lazy to do so. Maybe with age and a busier schedule, my once passion for bringing the truth out in metaphysics has withered too.

The metaphysics world is like having a winter now where the day (light) is short while the night (darkness) is long. People continue to stray further from the truth and got themselves going over a big circle and then realized they came back to where they started except poorer.

Perhaps nature has her grand plan and thus I will just go slow till Springs comes for me to show the light again.

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This is a Bazi where I think not many is able to read and understand the strength and weaknesses of this Bazi. Destiny is written by a chart like this and destiny is the most important ingredient in a person’s life and holds a big percentage, beyond 1/3!

To begin with, do you believe that Destiny is 1/3 or more than 1/3?

I think most people, newbies or old timers…will surely ask a few questions typically:

  1. What kind of job or industry is suitable for this man?
  2. Will his career go big or ordinary or even having a hard life?
  3. Will he be rich in his lifetime or when he grows up?

His Bazi is strong in both opposing element that is Wood and Earth. How do you determine the Industry suitable for him to excel? Wood Industry – Farming? or Carpenter ? ; Earth Industry – Property investor? or Work in construction?

How to tell if his career will take off or stuck in a low level position? Officer strong thus could he be in the police force? a lawyer ? or a judge ? and even an assassin ? If I take police force would he be a constable, inspector or commissioner or the Inspector General ? Can you have an idea which level he could reach in his lifetime?

For an Earth 戊 Day Master, the wealth is the water element and if you look at his chart, the water element is very lacking with only a tiny Gui 癸 water under the Earthly Branch Chen 辰. How would one conclude his wealth with certainty? Rich, Average, Surviving or Poor?

Remember this, while I understand it is always people’s dream to be a BaZi master so that people would respect, remember that respect that is earned is real respect, while of course you can pay for respect to some extent by branding and marketing one self but this kind of respect will not last to the grave.

Again there is this thing call Karma, if you mislead others be prepared to be misled by someone later in life. If one does not get it, maybe their children will get it. What am I getting here? I think we should not advice if we are not sure ourselves as we can change the course of other people’s life for worse unknowingly.

You may feel frustrated because you did not learn anything new here for free. I can understand how you feel but if you are serious about learning then you have to commit yourself into it. There is no free lunch in this world and the only free lunch comes from a scammer.

Life is sometimes a joke.

What I am doing here is to open your mind to a new dimension if you have been learning Bazi here and there and yet not able to read Bazi. Perhaps all the while you have been looking in the wrong direction just like a novice giving advice to someone that he changed his course of life.

What is the correct concept is viewing OR understanding destiny in Bazi ? Until someday we have a chance to meet….happy surfing.

Opening your mind to a new dimension….



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