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Bazi is called in many forms from Phat Chee to Four Pillars of Destiny to Chinese Astrology to Suanming / destiny analysis, they are all the same which refers to the Chinese art of destiny reading using our date and time of birth.

Learning BaZi is about understanding our strengths and weaknesses. Building the right traits or character to smoother the path of destiny.

Bazi helps us to know when we are on straight road and when we are on the off-road track so we can plan our lives well ahead. It helps us to understand when we should take risk and when we should play it safe.

Professionals do human behavioral profiling when hiring top level management for a reason. The purpose is to ensure shareholders have the right man on the job. Different job requires different skills, different times requires different leaders, this is what situational leadership is all about. So what are you cut out for?

The old age question, “Are leaders made or born?” If one understands the essence of Bazi Astrology, you will know that charismatic leaders are born but leaders can also be made, only if you know how!

In Sun Tzu Art of War, Sun Tzu mentioned of the importance of Espionage in warfare. Why is espionage important? This is because any information knew before hand allows him to prepare his army, strategy and formation to significantly increases his chance of winning the battle with as little bloodshed possible.

Then he goes on to say “Know yourself, Know your enemy; a hundred battles can be won”. Know ourselves is to understand our strengths and weaknesses, Know your enemy is to understand the other party’s character. So you see, there are many advantages of learning BaZi.

Learning Bazi can also answer your many Whys, why this happens and why they do well. There is a reason to these events but more importantly is to use this knowledge to help us plan forward.

Our Purpose

At BaziConsult, our purpose is to help students to be able to understand and read their own Bazi.

We feel and understand how many students of Bazi has failed to even read basic Bazi despite attending many classes and not to mention the amount of money & time invested. It is heart breaking indeed.

The reason to this is usually a few.

  • Deficiency in the concept of BaZi.
  • Big Class, little attention paid by the teacher. Teacher has relegated the role to a lecturer.
  • Information overload and regimental teaching method.
  • Too much reliance on cheat sheets or short cuts that caused students lost the bigger picture.
  • Mixed with contemporary method that is not fully proven. We only teach proven and traditional systems.

In Bazi, there are many methods and concepts but not all are correct or useful. The question is which is correct and not? From our years of consulting and live readings of Bazi in Class, we are confident to say the knowledge we inherited from our master is correct and accurate.

Our course here aims to first built students to have the right views and concepts of Bazi reading. We always keep it simple and to the point without losing out the vital information. We believe that we should teach students to think and understand the concepts well so as they progress to higher levels they already have a strong foundation. Because we believe in teaching our students to fish than to feed them fishes in class.

Thus we keep our class small and sacrifice big income so the teacher can check every students’ work and understanding. Ample opportunity for student to seek clarification and ask questions. Information packed notes and no padding. Someday you will be a walking dictionary of Bazi.

We are proud to that even at the first class, students can read Bazi. That is the results and satisfaction of the students. Our objective is to help students read Bazi! And we are very proud at what we do when we see students can do that!.

From the past experience and feedback from students we believe we are on the right track to help you read Bazi. To have the confidence to read Bazi because your success is our pride!

The subject may be the same, i.e. Bazi but the Delivery Method & Contents is entirely different! Join us today and Be Different!

Student Say

BaZi Practitioner Course Syllabus

BaZi Course Syllabus

To be successful in this competitive world, we need to work on ourselves to improve our skills and find the path of least resistance. However, knowing this is not enough as we need to work thorough others, thus knowing how to manage others is also important. Having both information is almost perfect but not quite yet. The art of timing is the last vital link we need to consider. Thus they say that lucky is being there at the Right Time!

Best of all students get a self Bazi reading worth RM700/- .

You can read why this person got separated from parents & siblings after this class!

Benefits of learning Bazi Astrology:

  • Understand our strengths.
  • Understand ourselves to begin our transformation .
  • Understand others to achieve better relationships.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Take calculated risks.
  • Know When is your Time!

Start you journey in BaZi Astrology with us. Be that minority, don’t follow the masses because if you do, you will be like them, not very far from where they started.


BaZi Learning Made Simpler

What Can You Do After This Class?

  • Clearly identify the strength of Day Master.
  • Quickly access the quality of a chart
  • Debunk the myths of Bazi so that there will be less confusion that hampers Bazi reading.
  • Access a person’s character with confidence.
  • To tell if one can earn well, who is helpful to us in our chart while who is not.
  • When will we have good luck.
  • Is the clash good or bad or is the combination good or bad….all the above in part or full. Just some of the possible achievements to mention here.

If you like to read about their Testimony, click this link.

Download the Learning Aid Here for you to familiarize with some basic Chinese Characters.

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