BaZi Course and Class Schedule

Are you …..

Looking for an accurate and easier system to learn without being overloaded with useless information & most importantly affordable?

You felt stuck after learning Bazi for so many years or after having paid so much yet stucked?

You go to forums and try to read charts but most of the time you get partial right and inconsistent results. Most of all you don’t even understand your own destiny?

Well we have a solution for you!

Here are the Bazi Class Schedule from Bazi Consult – The Unique Bazi School using the unique method of Nature Way! Listen to this simple video….

Many other Bazi videos in our Youtube Channel

Who is Master Alan Chong? He is one unique teacher who teaches the Nature’s way of Bazi that is simpler and yet accurate. It was his years of learning experience from various teachers and putting together into this working unique system which he calls it the NATURE’S WAY. So how does he knows if this system works ? Simple, as a practicing Bazi Consultant he has many repeat clients as well as introduced clients for the last 10 years. In fact some of his clients are now learning from him.

As a teacher he is indeed unique! How many teacher dare to do live reading during class? Not one but all the students in the class? Which teacher dares to do it and yet achieve high degree of accuracy from the instant class feedback ?

Notice: During Covid-19 period, we are offering ONLINE Bazi Foundation.

Don’t miss this opportunity as it will not last for very long.

All Paypal payment is subjected to an additional 5% charges.

Bazi Practitioner Foundation

Date: Online will start 8th May 2023 (Monday) then 10, 12, 15, 17, 19,…till class finishes. (more detailed info click here)
Time: 900pm Kuala Lumpur time and day.( pencil/eraser & colored highlighters)
Venue: Google Meet (link send on the day itself)other time zone can inquire within….
The essential foundation that is so crucial to making reading BAZI a reality even for advanced students of Bazi as there are many myths and misunderstanding being clarified here.

Bazi Intermediate One Course

Date: Starts 6 June 2022 and continue each Mon, Wed, Fri till class ends
Venue: Online
Time: 9pm-10:30pm Kuala Lumpur time.
Requirements : Our Foundation Class
This part enhances the ability to read the finesses as well to be more accurate in prediction but the most crucial part is how to identify the USEFUL GODS. Useful god is the most important part of a Bazi that determines the rise and fall of a destiny.

Bazi Intermediate Two

This class is only available for students who have contributed to the betterment of Nature’s way of Bazi in someway and has shown diligence in adopting this method. In simple words, this good knowledge is for selected students only.

Venue :
This part is mostly about prediction and looking deeper into advance concepts of reading BAZI. How to differentiate between a good vs a lousy BAZI? The pinnacle of it is the Dynamic 10 Gods to understand the interaction between gods.

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