Taylor Swiftly Changing Partners

A Relationship Case in Bazi


Taylor Swift is a ten-time GRAMMY winner, the youngest recipient in history of the music industry’s highest honor, the GRAMMY Award for Album of the Year and she is the only female in the history of The Grammy’s to win Album of the Year, twice. Taylor is the only artist in history to have an album hit the 1 million first-week sales figure three times (2010’s Speak Now, 2012’s RED and 2014’s 1989). She’s a household name whose insanely catchy yet deeply personal self-penned songs transcend music genres, and a savvy businesswoman who has built a childhood dream into an empire.


Taylor Swift started off her career at a very young age of 14 in country music up to about 2008 before she made a switch to pop music and continue her route to fame. One of her major influences in her love for music was her maternal grandmother. She has always listened to her grandmother singing in church.

She is not only as singer but also known for her talent as a song writer.

Here is nicely done up chart of her past relationships.


After her break up with Harry Styles now it is rumored to be Ed Sheeran! Ed is Mr. Eleven and hopefully the last.

Bazi Astrology Reason

In Bazi there is always a tale to tell about a person. Just like the recent class, students were happy and feeling enthusiastic how their Bazi chart reveals the events and character in their lives. It is always interested to have a live reading with actual feedback from students.

Born : 13 Dec 1989

Taylor may have a glamorous career but she sucks in her love life. The question is Why? What does her chart reveals about her?

She was born as a Ding Day Master in the year of Snake and in the Winter season with a Xu or Dog hour.

This doggy character in her gives her the tendency to rush into a relationship which explains why she is very quick in getting hooked up with guys.

The rat or Zi month is the Indirect Officer that represents men in her life. Thus men is one of her key focus or something that she desires. Unfortunately this is a “fake” officer. Nonetheless, this Indirect Officer is also her Peach Blossom star which makes her attractive or makes her view relationship as important.

She has what we know as the Output structure. Output structures in women is usually bad for relationships.

Lacking resource which is represented by the Wood Element, she seems to have a problem in judging a relationship or even to understand herself well.

If we know ourselves well, we could overcome our shortcomings and slowly improve our destiny. However the irony is we always think we know ourselves but the fact is we don’t really understand our underlying feelings.

Anyway, Cool!! These mans are really lucky enough to have dated an awesome singer.

甲子 – Alan






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