Understanding Your Wealth Element, The Nature Way

Not all people are born with the capacity to amass wealth.  Some are born rich, some have good career, therefore has the capacity to generate wealth.  There are some who worked so hard and yet they are not rich.  Why is it so?  The answer lies in your Bazi chart.

In Bazi chart, the wealth element is the element that the Day Master controls. However, not all Day Masters know how to control their wealth element.  The Wealth element represents many components such as our skill, our career, job opportunities, our assets, ability to manage and accumulate wealth, and so on. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that if you have no wealth star, you will not be rich.  If fact, there are many people out there who do not have any wealth element in their chart but they are very successful person.  I will share this another time under the topic “Wealth Star vs No Wealth Star”.

Today, we will try to understand the Wealth element, the nature way, and how it interacts with the Day Master.  We will compare two Yi Female Day Masters, both with strong wealth elements.

Chart 1

This is the chart of a woman whose Wealth element is not favourable to her, hence her wealth element becomes a liability to her.

She is a Yi 乙 Day Master.  She has very strong wealth element which is found in Dragon 辰 month. And one at the Year Stem with minor roots located at Monkey 申 and Snake 巳. The Wu 戊 Earth represents her direct wealth.  As direct wealth also falls under sowing and reaping principle, it means a person can only succeed through hard work.  This lady is very hard working and very committed to her work.  But why is it she cannot get rich through hard work?   

If you can understand nature in Bazi interpretation, then you would understand why it is very difficult for her to be rich. She thus has to depend on her luck pillar in order to improve her luck.


Chart 2

This is the chart of a woman whose wealth element is partly favourable to her, hence she is able to accumulate her wealth.

Like the above, she is a Yi 乙 Day Master born in Summer.  She has strong wealth element and has both direct wealth and indirect wealth stars.  Her direct wealth element can be found in Year Stem rooted in Snake 巳 and Monkey 申.  And her indirect wealth star are located at Hour Stem rooted in 未 Goat.  As direct wealth also falls under sowing and reaping principle, it means a person can only succeed through hard work.  Yes she did succeed in her career though she finds it very stressful. But it is due to her indirect wealth elements that she is able to succeed in life and through investment opportunities, as indirect wealth represents windfall, a symbol of reaping without sowing. This is because Ji Earth, the indirect wealth star is favorable to this Yi Flower.

As you can see, having the right element in your chart will dictate whether the chart is good or bad. That’s the difference between the two ladies above. Both ladies are of the same age: one earning is mere RM2,000 a month salary while the other is earning RM15,000 a month, not to mention her other investments as well.

Tips in Bazi Reading

This is a case of the same Day Master born in the same year, and yet the life’s outcome is so different. It basically tells us a few things. Just by relying on 10 Gods is insufficient to read a Bazi and tell the subtle difference. It also clearly tells us that single pillar reading is too general to offer any good advice.

The above are just simple illustrations of how nature in Bazi works its wonder.   If you are keen to know more on the Wonders of Nature in Bazi application, please come to our basic class conducted by Master Alan Chong.

cheers, Auntie Rose


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