Bazi Consult

The Unique Bazi School

Bazi Intermediate 01

This is a 3 days intensive course.

Time: 10am – 4pm daily.

Fees: —

Pre requisite: Bazi Foundation Course


In the Basic Class, we focus on building the basics as well as the correct concept of reading BaZi. This Intermediate 01 course is more towards helping to improve the art of reading (application) and predicting.


1.Plotting Luck Cycle; why is it important to know?

2. Advance Yin – Yang;the hidden secrets of Ba Zi prediction.

3. 5 Elements – Part II; how to find out the hidden potential of a person.

4. Fan Yin Fu Yin Charts

5. Hidden Heavenly Stems – Part II; how they come about? this is important to understand the meaning behind seasons.

6. 10 Gods – Relationship, Characteristics; Define and Refine the art of 10 Gods without having to memorize too much.

7. Static Structure – The Good and Ugly part of Destiny.

8. Useful God

  • Seasons – Climatic Useful God
  • Advance Noble elements
  • Harmonizing & Bridging Useful God

9. Advance Clashes – What does it do to us?

10. Advance Combine – It tells the hidden potential of good and bad.

11. Advance Palaces – The art of prediction of 2nd marriage.

12. Auxiliary Stars

13. Positioning

14. Case Study

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