Entry Examination


The objective is ensure only serious students will join this class. Student’s who have the passion for real art of BaZi Astrology. This is in line with our school philosophy of quality over quantity in order for them to be part of the elite school of BaZi.


It will be done online live over Google Meet for a briefing then exam conducted through FB messenger.

Students will be given the questions via Facebook Messenger and 30 mins to answer. In 30 mins time the answer sheet will be sent back to me via FB messenger.

It is an Open book examination where students can refer back to the Bazi Foundation notes.

5 minutes briefing before exam starts. Please be punctual. Examination date and time will be on 8 Oct 2022 3pm Malaysia time. If you cannot make it please let me know a suitable time.

Other Terms and Conditions

There is no fee for this class if you are students of Baziconsult Foundation Class.

Passing mark is 60% in order to be admitted for Intermediate 1, Distinction is 90%.

Answers will be notified the following day and decision is final.