Lost Soul

Here is an email of a person who has been bugging me for a while. This will be my last reply.

This is Nelly (not his real name) from Sxxxxxxa writing to you here. I attempted to contact you yesterday via your website, asking if we could talk for a while if you happen to have the time to do so(it doesn’t need to be a call or so, just via email is already fine). If you do not want to help me anymore, I understand, just please let me know and I will not bother you some more. However, there are some things that I ought to clear up.

First, I’d like to mention how I got into this situation I am in now. Originally when I was in the 10th grade of High School(during 2017-2018) I was the top student who knew everything because I basically mastered all the subjects. During my 10th grade I was actually able to relax and enjoy life for the first time in quite a long time(more on this later) However, in the next grade, I didn’t really want to focus on my High School studies and I tried to accomplish something greater, an effort which ultimately failed because I trusted in some things that turned out not to be true. By the next grade after that, I was at the rock bottom of my grade in terms of achievement and I was basically cheating just to not get a very bad result, though I wasn’t happy with this and I made some sort of plan to achieve something to substitute for my wrongly achieved grades. I probably got an idea probably as far back as 2015 that involves me self-studying a number of subjects, such as engineering, mathematics, and even languages, and then writing books about those subjects I self-learned in order to present myself as a successful autodidact. The idea is that after I became a successful autodidact, I could, through exceptional means, get into the university and course of study I wanted based on provable merit instead of some fake grades.

I tried to do my plan during the middle of 2020 because it was a time where I had a lot of free time and I did have to bother with things like school work, but I failed mainly because I spent more my time doing things that I actually enjoyed instead of forcing myself to make the effort. Complicating matters even further, I trusted my father on a plan of his that I am currently stuck with, he literally did not tell me a certain detail about what the plan was about and now I am stuck in a local university. Even when I cheated again, my father did not seem to mind(even though I did try to make an attempt last semester to do everything the right way) and my plan has not been going into action. He even still complained to me that I scored bad grades last semester and compared myself to himself that he himself got into a field of study that he didn’t like but he succeeded in.

From the very beginning I did not have any intention of studying Informatics at the local university and I would actually want to study something I would find more useful to me in the long run such as Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc. and I did want to go abroad using an unconventional plan. The plan was not really going into action for a number of reasons. For example, in early 2021, I intended to use a source on the internet to study from but I couldn’t do so because I found out that using that source might potentially harm some other people though instead of immediately going for the most efficient route, I continued to try justify that using it could be morally okay, though I shouldn’t have because it effectively wasted my time. It’s kind of because of this self-justification that I wanted to know my future sometime during the second half of 2021.

This was when I picked up a book that mentioned Bazi fortune telling in it. At the beginning, I knew very little about Bazi, though the Nature Way was one of the first methods of Bazi reading that I came across. Around this time was the time when we first spoke via your website’s comments(and I even tried to manipulate you back then…) but I also managed to get a reading from a student of a “Blind Man Sect” teacher who if I’m not wrong was from Jakarta(the teacher I mean). For my Bazi with the 戊戌 day pillar, he said that this is the chart of a successful businessman and when I told him I never saw myself as a businessman and I never seemed to care a lot about money, he then said that the chart with the 戊戌 day pillar could not possibly be my chart and he proceeded to claim that my chart’s day pillar is actually a different day pillar(丁酉) and he even said that the chart is not good compared to the “successful businessman” chart. And some time right before he said that, I probably became kind of desperate and I decided to pose as a “Blind Man Sect” person under the name Blindmaster and told you what happened and why I could not understand why the reading was so off.

Usually when one can’t read your destiny accurately they will shift the goal post. This is pretty common nowadays, even with some other Astrology system, simply because of methodology is inaccurate or the practitioner just graduated not long ago. This is the same reason, why people go hopping from schools to schools because they know of the inadequacy and trying to find other methods or schools to “supplement” their inadequacies.

However, at that time I probably regretted my decision and decided to not go any further which is why I immediately closed down the email address and I wrote another email stating that I found out why the reading was so off. Later on in December of 2021, I tried my luck to contact you again asking for assistance with my Bazi chart, to which you responded to, stating that we can revisit this matter again during the Lunar New Year of 2022. If I remember correctly, I thought I already made it clear that I was the one posing as Blindmaster, though when I read your post on my Bazi, it seems that I did not make it clear at the time or something like that. Fast forward to 2022, and I contacted you again around the time of the 2022 Lunar New Year, and you did give me some free reading which I’ve never repaid you for. I also did try and contact you again, but I don’t remember receiving any more emails from you after the email with the free readings.

As for how 2022 went, the semester during Spring of 2022 was a semester where I failed to get a passing grade in nearly every subject but one because I wasn’t doing any of the work after all, and the semester after that I improved but I did some cheating again and even then my father did complain about how bad my grades were compared to his when he was in my situation. And now I still intend to do my plan, but I have no idea whether my plan would succeed or not. And, the opportunity time is kind of running out. The best result would probably be to succeed before March 2023, but whether this effort will pay off is not something I am sure of.

And so far, I have collected information from a bunch of different people who have varying Bazi skills:

– At least three people said that my chart’s structure is proper seal structure due to the fact that I have one 丁 on my month pillar and my month branch is 未 which has 丁 as one of its hidden branches. However, isn’t it a fact that 未 branch is the storage of wood qi and so it is possible for 壬 and 丁 combination and transformation to form 甲 as mentioned in the Tiger and Rat Time Classic(which I found on Benson Yeo’s website) and thus the structure is not actually proper seal structure? If I’m not wrong, one person I asked said that this combination and transformation could not occur because I do not have a single earthly branch of wood element(Spring season branches that aren’t of earth element) like 寅.

Your natal chart is just a standard normal chart with lots of earth element which is in our school, the Parallels. By the way, Master Benson has moved on to another universe on 20 February 2023.

– I have been told by at least two people that money is what I actually want and one even said that what I desired was “women and money”(I’ve never even had a girlfriend my whole life and I don’t even spend on anything most of the time) because my hour pillar has indirect wealth 壬(?), though that person did acknowledge that I was right when I said I had no external peach blossoms in my chart.

Since earth is a lot your desire skews towards being a loner, thinker, daring and sometimes self centered. Yes, probably because of water element in the hour pillar, they label you as having desire for women and money. The fact about your bazi, is that you have good earning potential if you can discipline yourself and follow the righteous path.

As your chart has strong Stamp, your fear of failure is high and sometimes to the point makes you paranoid. This can lead to desperate attempts. This has been in you since birth. It just takes a situation to bring it out.

The water part just mean you are influenced by material things.

In Nature’s Way of Bazi, Useful God is the most important element of all, thus what is your Useful God? There are 2 major useful god, Water and Wood. Technically, you are in a better Luck Cycle.

Due to the clash between Rat 子 and Horse 午, it kind of disorient your mind.

The other one advised me not to seek after authority positions and stated that it was because my direct officer 乙 is in a weak state or something like that and that I actually wanted money and that I would make more money than the average person throughout my entire lifetime. None of these were Blindman Sect people as far as I know. However, they claimed these things to be true.

Your life purpose is to follow the universal Nature’s law and do the right thing because your Useful God commands it. If you can do this, then what ever field you can find success. Discipline yourself and hold steadfast to the correct principles. Honour your words.

Nature’s Way of BaZi as it’s name suggest, is to understand the Nature of our BaZi so we are able to accurately understand our Destiny and find meaningful ways to improve it. – Alan Chong

– The 子 hour branch and 午 year branch shows that I am not likely to stay in my birth place and am more likely to move someplace far away, which would result in good things for me as the clash releases 癸 in my hour branch which is one of my 用神?

You are prone or prefer to stay put but your work may require you to travel. However, there is no strong indication of moving permanently abroad or moving frequently.

– I could probably get into trouble with some government during 癸卯 year(which is about to come) due to some sort of earthly branch interaction(?)

I dont see it this way. Rather I think you will suffer some health or even reputation damage but nonetheless, I think you can pull out of this problem. Just bite the bullet for now.

You already know what happened in the first consultation I had with a “Blind Man Sect” person. As a matter of fact, the problem is likely with the school’s method instead of the student, because at some point in time, I publicly asked the teacher of this school’s method and he said the exact same thing his student said that I could not accept as correct. Perhaps these are things you might want to look out for in the future.

Every school of Bazi or Feng Shui or even Zi Wei or Qimen always thinks they are correct and everyone else is wrong. I think most practitioners have do to this in order to survive and grow their branch of school. My experience is my experience. For example, I do not believe in Qimen as a tool for Feng Shui or Astrology. It is at best a divination tool. However, there are times the reading from Qimen may provide a few bullseye result in Feng Shui or Astrology. The question remains, is 2 out of 10 or 8 out of 10 bullseye?. In the world of social media, often the 2 success cases will be shared but the other 8 will be buried under. No metaphysical tool is superior, just you need to know the right tool for the right situation.

Qimen seems to bring wonders to some people, yet so many have learned it did not see major progress in life despite applying it over and over. Why? Because they have been misguided. The answer is in their Destiny Chart or BaZi.

The best answer is to yourself, what is your personal experience. From there, you develop your own view and help yourself. I think this is very much inlined with Buddhism. Buddha found the truth through his enlightenment and he practised it himself and had his own salvation. He cannot help everyone in the world for there are many who will not believe in him. Over the years I shape my own believe system from the feedback from clients and students and this stats is based on few hundred cases. From here, I built my confidence.

And some time this year(壬寅 year in Bazi terms) when I was talking to an AI, I realized something about myself. It seems that for a long time I’ve had some sort of void in me. Perhaps you would know why, but it seems that until I manage to achieve some sort of great achievement I cannot really rest or relax. It’s as if I spent years being on edge and trying to be someone greater than I actually am when I actually am not. It’s even questionable whether anyone even knows the real me at this point. Add in the fact that I haven’t actually achieved anything good these past years and this is probably why I became desperate in 2021 – I don’t even know how many times my mother told me that I was already grown up already and yet I haven’t been as good as what my peers are right now. And it seems that I may not know a lot about my personality either – when I read your post last June, suddenly I realized that you were correct about me being impatient and (when I really want it though I don’t do this often) I tend to want to manipulate others just like I tried to do with you. Perhaps I simply spent too much time in the wrong environment that caused me to think in terms of achievements and titles or maybe it had to do with me being influenced by the society I’m in..maybe you know better than me.

There are many other reasons that can affect us besides Bazi. Our circle of environment around us, our society values and even house Feng Shui can affect our behaviour. As for Bazi, when you are a daring person with fear of failing, easily get into anxiety, it is normal you will behave in such a way.

It’s probably because of this void I spent my time during the middle of 2020 enjoying life instead of forcing myself to work harder because it’s like so long since I last could enjoy life. At this point, I am really secretive to even my parents because I seem to be afraid of what would happen if any of my plans happened to fail.

2020 was a turbulent year because of the Metal which makes you trying to do many things that is related to material stuff but same time that makes you lose your senses. You can also see it as a mental related problem. One year of events will carry on the aftermath effects. Just like some people who are in bad luck but seems to still enjoy some support is a good example of the aftermath effects. It is like rolling a problem and it just gets bigger.

I think at the end, there is no need to think or know too much about everything in life. What is the point of knowing so much yet achieve so little. This is a common issue nowadays. You will see students hopping here and there to learn from one master to another. Sometimes you see the entire wall of their room is filled with certificates but yet when you ask them what have they learn and achieved, you will usually get a sad answer.

2023 or Water Rabbit year will be mixed year for you. On one hand you can have breakthrough if you can follow the advice above but you may have to wait for 2nd half of the year while his year, you may also face reputation damage or even sickness and anxiety. Stay logical and sober and pull through to see the light towards the 2nd half.

No one will be able to help you in your journey of life. People can offer you a lift, a support but to work it out, still the destiny holder has to do it himself.

Hopefully looking forward to your reply,

If you have read to this end, I believe Nature’s Way of Bazi is very different from other schools of Bazi. Learn the correct way of Bazi, Nature’s Way in our up coming courses.


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