Is Fire Important?

We received a comment from our post on Albert Camus that goes like this:

Hi sir,

I have two questions from this chart my chart
bing gui ren ding
chen si zi mao

I was born on 10 december 1987 at 8 10 am why 2019 2020 2021 were bad-because of water seaseon?
2013 2014 2015 very good!

when fire lp s will come will make me rich?
now in wu shen lp-2019 was an disaster on this date
bing bing jia ji
shen shen xu hai

from the branch in new lp wu shen-shen combien with zi and chen and put off the fire-or wealth ,in the year hai combine with mao-so strong self destroy the source of money or mao
ren ding geng
xu hai zi-fail an big examn
2021 again
gui ji xin
you hai chou-xi combine with bing,and remove useful god,hai clash si ,you clash mao-

2022 start to make again big money maybe because of fire punishemt si-plus shenfrom lp and from year yin?

2023 2024 how will be for me in termn of carrer?
2013 2014 2015 were very good year sfor me ,2015 the best year of my life-maybe because yi or mao appear,but luckuly for me ,wei remove the zi mao contradiction!

HOW YOU SEE MY FATHER IS VERY RICH-ME NOT SO!I have two specializaiton one in oncology another in clinical pharmacology,what job you think is suit s me when look at this bazi?
married this year?
2016 my ex gf divorce from me
yin jia wu bing
hai shen xu shen again like 2019-xu clash chen and open water tomb,shen reomove si and shen make from year shen zi chen-from my perspective you from ap remove mao-shen from ap remove si-when fire lp how wil be?I work like nobody!

Thank you for your time in advance Bazi CONSULT!
Best wishes,Jrgeorge

General Notice:

We keep to our principle that we do not provide Free full reading. We believe it is not fair to other people’s precious time and resources they have spent on perfecting this art. It is best to learn it yourself or engage a professional reading. If you have learned from somewhere, please refer back to you teacher since he or she taught you. If they refuse to help you, then you should look else where to learn now. We shall selectively answer in short without much technical details.

The Event In 2019

First of all Gui 癸 Day Master and Ren 壬 Day Master (Albert) is a totally different entity and character thus this chart cannot be referenced to Albert Camus.

To begin with, The Natal Chart indicates that money luck is average or just above average.

Then, this Luck cycle since 2017 is a below average luck or in a more direct manner, bad luck. This luck will have a lot of obstacles and problematic people. It is not surprising that 2019, 2020, 2021 will be bad. 2022 is a relief year despite he has 2 clashes, one on Heavenly Stem (Ren 壬 vs Bing 丙) while another on Earthly Branch between Yin 寅 and Shen 申.

My student would not have problems understanding this reason and as I have always said, Clashes are not necessarily bad when you understand the correct principles of BaZi well.

Why Is His Dad Capable?

Can we view our parent’s ability from our Bazi Chart? The answer is yes but it will not be full nor accurate in totality. His dad in his Bazi is capable because Fire element has its Useful God inside. Thus it should make sense that Water Tiger year 2022 is a good year for the father too from his chart.

This luck this person will try to stay away from the father but in fact the situation will get worse for him. To be more successful, this person just need to do less, be more patient and keep his belief or focus on his current profession.

From his own analysis, I believe this person follows the theory of a famous school here in Malaysia which why he missed the mark since his focus was in the wrong direction from the start.

I may as well answer the second question posted in this article from Ivanov.

Question 2 from Ivanov

hi Bazi consult I believe his carrer is reprezents by hour pillars because of xin information and chou recognition
what you think about the first comment,
read as strong dm in lp are very bad,hai clash si xin remove bing,ji you lp you good as control parallel that s why he can be rich in fire ap fire 2013 2015 ,2016 shen stress he s si because si is a ghift for him,have money ,geng can feed but haviley clash by zi and chen…

I think fire lp s will be anither life since wei will put pressure on competition ren zi
what you think about gui si dm?
wish you a good sunday

Career Palace

Ivanov must be a season Bazi enthusiast with good observation. Indeed, you can see that the Hour pillar is a more accurate representation of his life. This is vastly different from the school that advocates Month pillar as the Career palace. What a big impact can the reading to in guiding the person into different direction in life?

Albert Camus

As for Gui Si 癸巳 Day Pillar person, you can refer back above some of my comments but here, I can add on to say this person’s Bazi for career is just above average.

However, there are some words I do not understand such as ghift and anither.

Ivanov is saying that the last Luck pillar of Ji You 己酉 is favourable because Earth, Ji is controlling his parallel Ren 壬 in the chart. My opinion is not because so much because of Ji 己 or You 酉.

Ji You wasn’t the great luck but still considered good career wise. These years were a mix of wood, fire, water and earth elements. When You clashed the Mao, its like saying Stamp 印 clashing Eat God 食神 will bring disaster, however, we do not agree to this statement for this Bazi. It is just a minor damage that’s all. Thus why Nature’s Way is quite different from other schools of Bazi.

2013 was Gui Si 癸巳, 2014 was Jia Wu 甲午, 2015 is Yi Wei 乙未 while 2016 was Bing Shen 丙申. 2013 has parallel….,2016 has fire but the Girlfriend left.

The most intriguing part is why in 2013 despite having water, still it can be a good year especially money wise? Isn’t having a peer god when you are a Strong Day Master is an unfavorable thing?

Was the separation in 2016 due to a 3rd party existence? High Chance! The event could also be related to his dad in some way.

Ivanov is saying that the current Luck pillar of Wu Shen 戊申 is bad, especially in 2019 the year of Xin Hai 辛亥 because Hai 亥 clashed Si 巳 while the Heavenly stem Xin 辛 combined the Bing 丙. I don’t get where the Bing came from.

Maybe I will explain in a more simple manner. Hai 亥 is of water element which is going to be bad. Xin 辛 is also unfavourable simply because metal adds on to the water. Now at this time you are probably trying to reconcile the fact that Wu 戊 in the Luck should control the water but this seems not the case. If I have caught your attention here, then you should consider to re examine the concepts of Bazi that you have learned thus far.

Harms & Ungrateful Punishment

But why 2022, Ren Yin 壬寅 year he made good money? Isn’t Ren 壬 is Rob Wealth? Yin 寅 – Si 巳 a Harm ? You may even say the Yin-Si-Shen (Luck cycle) the Ungrateful Punishment combination ? Despite all these negative combination, the results is pretty the opposite!

Is Fire Good For Him or rather which Fire would be better ? I shall let you conclude it.

[To students, if you want to know why, do ask me this case in class.]

Most Bazi Theories taught out there may not be all usable but were added in to pad up the course. Their real work is in the branding and selling courses, without passion for the authenticity of the art. If you have experience with those courses, I think you will understand well what I mean. Many of the theories cannot relate to real life events. It turn out to be good when the reading was saying bad things and vice versa is true. The answer is very simple, the theory you have learned is invalid. It is time that you should consider relearning if you still have the passion for BaZi.


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