Bazi Class Dec 14-15

Important Announcement!

-+ Post Class Testimonials from senior practitioners themselves +-

This one class is an Important and Correct Way to read Bazi. We know that many students have difficulty to read Bazi even after advance classes from several schools.

The only reason is not because the student is less intelligent but rather they have not been exposed to the right way of Bazi.

E.g. which palace represents your mother? So while you do not see mother in your chart 10 Gods, why something happens to your mum for example. Then again, is each palaces carries the same meaning for men and women?

Again many confuses what is being termed as Strong and Weak Day Master. Strong needs to be weaken while Weak needs to be Strengthen. Both are not really correct. It is all about the nature of the Chart.

So don’t miss this great opportunity to meet Master Benson Yeo in KL this Dec and get your perspective in Bazi Correct!

Email for enquiry and registration.

Yours truly,



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