Studying The Classics – Strong and Weak

I read with amazement that many masters and advance practitioners trying to study the classics but yet has not been able to understand it. Indeed it is not easy but some are just basic information and yet the confusion.

I think in part many schools offering Bazi courses has themselves not been able to fully comprehend the basics well. As long you are a celeb, students will flock in…

Let’s see some interesting chart and why the classics say they are Weak or Strong.

Chart 1
Chart 1

Is Chart 1 a strong or weak chart?

Chart 2
Chart 2

Is Chart 2 a strong or weak chart?

Chart 3
Chart 3

Is Chart 3 strong or weak?

Chart 4
Chart 4

Is Chart 4 strong or weak?

Classics says Chart 1 is Weak, Chart 2 is Weak , Chart 3 as Strong & Chart 4 is Strong

Most common method to determine if the Day Master is strong or weak is by:

1. Counting the elements of Resource and Friends

2. Weighting the elements of Resource and Friends

3. By the Month Branch.

4. By assigning weight of 3:1 for Branch over Stems

What does the Classics really mean by Strong and Weak ? Find it out in our Module 1 Course.


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