Earth Day Masters

Understanding (Wu) Mountain Character (Yang Earth)

People of this element are like the great earth or stone rock.  They are trustworthy and optimistic, open-minded and steady, carefree, strict and honest.  Although their innate quality is like stone, they deserve to be appreciated for their stability.

Wu Day Master will always make sure that the foundations is strengthened before taking the time to put in effort, feelings or commitment.  Like the Earth or rock, change will not occur suddenly; instead changes will take place slowly, over many years.  With such a nature, they may miss opportunities sometimes.  However, they are happy with their current situation.  Once they have decided on something, nothing can change their mind.  In other words, Wu person can be stubborn at times. However, because of this nature enable them to inspire faith unto others.

Wu person is amicable and appreciates and treasures relationships, and because of this, others will tend to seek consultation from them.  Wu person will not promote himself to others.

Their shortcomings are being willful, self-centered and stubborn which can lead to non-coherence and not able to mingle or socialize well.  Wu person is inflexible and does not change his opinions easily.  This tends to lead to a monotonous lifestyle. Often considered as people with uninteresting speeches.  Their self-respect is very strong and having good reputation is important to them.  However, they do not indulge in flatter from others.

Understanding (Ji) Moist Earth Character (Yin Earth)

Field earth or rich earth is sufficient to absorb adequate moisture, and is a depository for various kinds of nutrients.  It is the place for cultivating various plants.  Ji Day Master’s understanding, learning and grasping of knowledge is rapid; in other words, they are versatile.

Majority of Ji People are very steady and kind.  However, their heart is very complex and may not be as good as they appear to be.  They are considerate and hardworking, and others will see their potential to substantiate and improve themselves, hence they can attain high achievements.

Besides, rich field earth has a soft, flexible comfortable nature.  Therefore, they know very well when to retreat and when to advance in different circumstances or situations.  They have high adaptability.

Shortcomings are that their concentration levels are not that high; they are rash at times, tend to compromise easily on decisions made, and at times will be taken for granted by others.

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