Day Master! Who is he ?

We study Bazi in an attempt to understand our lives, our strengths and weaknesses. We also want to know what’s installed for us in the coming years, what potential sickness we may develop, will our children be filial to us, what career choice is a better choice and so on.

Using our date and time of birth, we plot our Bazi Chart which looks something like this:


The Chart is nothing but just a way we represent our date and time of birth in Chinese calendar format. However, before can we start interpreting a chart, we need to first identify one very important character in this chart. It’s called the Day Master. Why is it called the Day Master? This is because it comprise of 2 words which brings along the important features.

Day – refers to the Day of birth and to be specific, the Day Heavenly Stem. It’s the Chinese character in blue.

Master – this Chinese character is the master of the chart. Every other seven character is referenced to the Day Master. It just simply means the other relationship is relative to the Day Master.

Day Master tells us some vital information for a couple of reason about the chart.

  1. It tells us the character of the person.
  2. It tells the relationship of the other elements in our chart. Are the supporting me?, Are they controlling me?, Am I controlling them? and so on.
  3. In more advance study, it tells us the “beauty” of a chart with respect to its environment.

In the example above, the Day Master is a Jia (甲). Jia is a big tree and a tree has a few prominent traits. For instance are rigid, upright, messy, benevolent, frank, always striving for growth, straight to the point and so on.

It tells a relationship because for example, beside the Jia Wood Day Master is the Wu Earth (戊). The relationship is one of Wood controlling Earth. Since they are of the same polarity, in Ten Gods, the Wu is also known as Indirect Wealth which can mean our money, our assets, our father to a male or mother in law to a female. The other characters will referenced back to the Day Master as well to establish their relationship.

As with each relationship, we can establish the usefulness of the elements to the Day Master. If the Element is a Noble Element to the Day master, hence it is considered as a Favourable god. If the element is a nuisance to the Bazi, we call it the Unfavourable god.

Thus before we can start reading any bazi chart, the very first step is to establish the Day Master. Once this is done, you may start to read and understand the bazi to uncover the secrets of your future.

Enhancing Your BaZi Journey,


2 thoughts on “Day Master! Who is he ?”

  1. Hello Jia Zi,

    I just wonder, is it male Jia DM a womenizer? They attract Yi wood-yi love to use them, and they do not even realize it. Then Ji earth, the true spouse according to bazi. And Ding fire, since Jia will attract fire and sacrifice for them. Who will actually win at the end? Yi wood due to their manipulative cunning nature ? Who actually Jia attract to??

    1. Hi Mo,
      Although reading Bazi is about nature but it is not interpreted this way. I know some schools say Jia and Ji have affinity because of the combination between the two. This is too general.
      We cannot put a blanket remark about Jia man being a womanizer. We have to look at the Bazi in totality.
      If you look at the stats not all lies in these categories. Hope it helps.


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