Tong Shu Date Selection

I know many will ask about good dates to resume work or business after the Lunar / Chinese New Year celebrations.

Here is a shot video where you can learn how to do it yourself.

As for the clash, if you know some basic Bazi it will be helpful to identify your clashing days.


A Destiny Foretold 

A client came to me early this year before Chinese New Year to ask about his yearly luck or annual forecast. I told him his authority (translated as Officer) is going to be challenged.

He told me then that he is in the process of selling his shares in his company to a new investor and shall remain in the company for 2 years as part of the package to ensure a smoother transition.

HOUR    DAY    MONTH      YEAR     LUCK      2017



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Day Master! Who is he ?

We study Bazi in an attempt to understand our lives, our strengths and weaknesses. We also want to know what’s installed for us in the coming years, what potential sickness we may develop, will our children be filial to us, what career choice is a better choice and so on.

Using our date and time of birth, we plot our Bazi Chart which looks something like this:


The Chart is nothing but just a way we represent our date and time of birth in Chinese calendar format. However, before can we start interpreting a chart, we need to first identify one very important character in this chart. It’s called the Day Master. Why is it called the Day Master? This is because it comprise of 2 words which brings along the important features.

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Flower Goat 乙未 2015

Read here a posting by Master Benson Yeo what’s in for your Day Master.

The Year 2015 the Flower Goat 乙 !

Yi Wei

Lets get it start and what is install for the 10 DM in 2015:

甲 DM meets Rob Wealth on Direct Wealth.
乙 DM meets Friends on Indirect Wealth.
丙 DM meets Direct Resource on Hurting Officer.
丁 DM meets Indirect Resource on Eating God.
戊 DM meets Officer on Friends.
己 DM meets Killing on Friends.
庚 DM meets Direct Wealth on Direct Resource.
辛 DM meets Indirect Wealth on Indirect Resource.
壬 DM meets Hurting Officer on Officer.
癸 DM meets Eating God on Killing.

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