No Wealth Element

Bazi has many usages. One of it to tell our life potential apart from life path, our character etc. Bazi astrology is divided into 2 major part. First is the Destiny chart or sometimes called the Natal chart or in chinese is called the Ming Pan. The 2 part is the Luck cycle. Luck is again divided into 2 parts, the Major and the Annual Luck. We can go down to month, day and hour luck but that would be too complicated.
BaziConsult Luckcycle
How each component plays their part to our lives? Well, Destiny chart determines who we are at birth that is our parents, our relationship with our spouse, siblings, parents etc. Luck cycle will alter the level and hence the outcome of our lives.

If one has a good Bazi and luck is also good, for sure the person will have a wonderful achievements.

Destiny Chart

Ying Luck Shinawatra, 28th Prime Minister of Thailand, Youngest in Thai history as well the 1st female prime minister.

She is a very brilliant lady having Master’s degree and successfully built her business. She was born into a wealthy family.

Baziconsult YingLuck

The chart has good nobility because the Noble element for Bing 丙 Day Master is there. This will allow here to achieve nobility in her life. This is very important.

You will notice that her chart has not wealth element and yet how come she can be so rich? Reading Bazi is not about having all elements nor about having wealth elements. In her chart, Fire is her wealth element. Fire element are prominent in her Year and Month Pillars. This shows that her early life is much influenced by the parents and grand parents.

Her business acumen comes from the 2 dragon which gives her the confidence to manage a company and yet able to endure or enjoy the high responsibility position. The horse gives her much passion and energy to achieve her goals while Goat binds her to her roots and staying close to her culture.

The heavenly stem Ren 壬 gives her the ability to assert her authoritative stature.

In here career life, she will receive much help from her siblings and parents and will do well in her career. Career is represented by the Hour pillar although some school put it at the month pillar.


What kind of career will be suitable for her since she does not have wealth star? If you look at her Bazi, she can be in any industry. Her strength is leadership, tenacity, passion and ability to articulate ideas and visionary. She as good organisational skills. She is better in a fraternal organisation than a small one.

Luck Cycle 

Thus far we read about the role of Destiny chart, how about the role of Luck cycle?

She was elected Prime minister 5 Aug 2011 and was removed by constitutional court on charges of power abuse on 7 May 2014. Xin Chou 辛丑 luck period in 2011 and removed on 2014 Jia Wu 甲午 year.

Yingluck elected PM
Ying Luck elected PM

As soon she enters this luck, she was elected Prime minister. This is because of her career and authority God received help from the Xin 辛 Wealth God. Furthermore there is a clash between the Ox 丑 and Goat 未. This shows the influence of luck cycle that can uplift and downgrade a Bazi chart. This luck money opportunities is for her is plentiful but yet she has to be wise or else she may lose it.

Anyway, who says Clashes are always bad ?

Annual Luck – Ying Luck Ran out of Luck?

Life is indeed complicated and there are many factors influencing us everyday. Though Bazi is not used for or able to tell every little detail, it does in some way indicate potential problems coming.

Ying Luck was removed as prime minister in 2014 the year of Jia Wu.

Yingluck lost PM
Ying Luck lost the Premier position via demonstration and court ruling.

What happened here is the annual energies negated the Major luck. The Jia 甲 weakened the Ren 壬 and same time enhanced the Ding 丁 to counter Xin 辛. Ding is the Wealth Robber and could be interpreted as competitor. Jia Tree is the symbol of paper and justice and hence a court order.

Thus you may see that Destiny chart working with Major luck as well as Annual Luck cycle.

Can you guess which coming year is another unfavorable year for her? 2016,2017,2018 ?

Not having wealth element in a chart does not mean poor. This is a major misconception of Bazi Astrological Study.

Update Sept 2017: