Shakira – Out Of Your League

Water Tiger is quite a year for the Diva from South America. She had a divorce from her long married husband (well over 10 years) since the husband was involved with another young women.

She then wrote a song to mock the adulterated couples when she sung the song Out Of Your League. It instantly gathered 63 million views in just span of 24 hours. Although it happened in January of 2023, in terms of Chinese Astrology system, the year is still Water Tiger Year.

As a teacher and practitioner in BaZi Astrology, I try to peep into her Bazi Chart and see what we can get out from her chart this event.

Shakira is Geng 庚 person and had Ding 丁 in the luck, 2022 the Ren 壬 came. This Ren can bring in a lot of money luck. Thus why she can expect Youtube will pay her for such high viewing rate.

Furthermore, Yin 寅 the Tiger is of wood element, this is another indicator of good money / career luck.

What about her divorce, well the Ding fire is a representation of the husband Gerard Pique, Water puts out the Fire making the fire energy to douse out. when the flame dies, smoke comes and smoke gets into her eyes. Remember The Platters?

Here is her Bazi:

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Lost Soul

Here is an email of a person who has been bugging me for a while. This will be my last reply.

This is Nelly (not his real name) from Sxxxxxxa writing to you here. I attempted to contact you yesterday via your website, asking if we could talk for a while if you happen to have the time to do so(it doesn’t need to be a call or so, just via email is already fine). If you do not want to help me anymore, I understand, just please let me know and I will not bother you some more. However, there are some things that I ought to clear up.

First, I’d like to mention how I got into this situation I am in now. Originally when I was in the 10th grade of High School(during 2017-2018) I was the top student who knew everything because I basically mastered all the subjects. During my 10th grade I was actually able to relax and enjoy life for the first time in quite a long time(more on this later) However, in the next grade, I didn’t really want to focus on my High School studies and I tried to accomplish something greater, an effort which ultimately failed because I trusted in some things that turned out not to be true. By the next grade after that, I was at the rock bottom of my grade in terms of achievement and I was basically cheating just to not get a very bad result, though I wasn’t happy with this and I made some sort of plan to achieve something to substitute for my wrongly achieved grades. I probably got an idea probably as far back as 2015 that involves me self-studying a number of subjects, such as engineering, mathematics, and even languages, and then writing books about those subjects I self-learned in order to present myself as a successful autodidact. The idea is that after I became a successful autodidact, I could, through exceptional means, get into the university and course of study I wanted based on provable merit instead of some fake grades.

I tried to do my plan during the middle of 2020 because it was a time where I had a lot of free time and I did have to bother with things like school work, but I failed mainly because I spent more my time doing things that I actually enjoyed instead of forcing myself to make the effort. Complicating matters even further, I trusted my father on a plan of his that I am currently stuck with, he literally did not tell me a certain detail about what the plan was about and now I am stuck in a local university. Even when I cheated again, my father did not seem to mind(even though I did try to make an attempt last semester to do everything the right way) and my plan has not been going into action. He even still complained to me that I scored bad grades last semester and compared myself to himself that he himself got into a field of study that he didn’t like but he succeeded in.

From the very beginning I did not have any intention of studying Informatics at the local university and I would actually want to study something I would find more useful to me in the long run such as Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc. and I did want to go abroad using an unconventional plan. The plan was not really going into action for a number of reasons. For example, in early 2021, I intended to use a source on the internet to study from but I couldn’t do so because I found out that using that source might potentially harm some other people though instead of immediately going for the most efficient route, I continued to try justify that using it could be morally okay, though I shouldn’t have because it effectively wasted my time. It’s kind of because of this self-justification that I wanted to know my future sometime during the second half of 2021.

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BaZi Case Study

I have written about his Bazi before but without much elaboration. Today I have picked one important part to share, how we can see it from his BaZi.

It was on this day in 2003, that I thought it was an April Fool’s joke but to my dismay, it turned out to be true.

A person with talent, fame, money, fans and friends yet ended up choosing this path. It is my hope that depression can be better idenfied earlier and managed to prevent a repeat.

I wished I could wished Leslie 67 Happy Birthday this year.

What our Natal chart and Luck cycle can tell us. If you have friends or family members showing similar pattern in their Bazi, it is good to be alert about it so we have time to prevent another sad episode.

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Is Fire Important?

We received a comment from our post on Albert Camus that goes like this:

Hi sir,

I have two questions from this chart my chart
bing gui ren ding
chen si zi mao

I was born on 10 december 1987 at 8 10 am why 2019 2020 2021 were bad-because of water seaseon?
2013 2014 2015 very good!

when fire lp s will come will make me rich?
now in wu shen lp-2019 was an disaster on this date
bing bing jia ji
shen shen xu hai

from the branch in new lp wu shen-shen combien with zi and chen and put off the fire-or wealth ,in the year hai combine with mao-so strong self destroy the source of money or mao
ren ding geng
xu hai zi-fail an big examn
2021 again
gui ji xin
you hai chou-xi combine with bing,and remove useful god,hai clash si ,you clash mao-

2022 start to make again big money maybe because of fire punishemt si-plus shenfrom lp and from year yin?

2023 2024 how will be for me in termn of carrer?
2013 2014 2015 were very good year sfor me ,2015 the best year of my life-maybe because yi or mao appear,but luckuly for me ,wei remove the zi mao contradiction!

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Do I Have Marriage Luck?

Hi master, do I have marrige luck?
DOB : 26.10.1990
Gender : Female
time : 11.30am.
Location : Sabah

Received one request from a user asking about her marriage luck without giving much information. Is Bazi able to tell something about her life without asking her to reveal her life story. This is very common in astrology shows or Facebook live session, where one has to reveal everything first in order for the “master” to reveal the answers. This makes it no more a Bazi talk show but a motivational talk similar to this radio program on local radio 98.8, 大城心事, just talking about solutions after the damage has been done.

Let’s first plot the Bazi Chart 八字命盘:

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A Painful Divorce

Couples are very excited when they were courting and even more excited when they decided to tie the knot. Those are the usual emotions that surrounds the couple. Its a cloud 9 feeling and it feels like they have struck a goal in their life. They can add this to the list of achievements.

Things some how starts to change over the years. Yes! Change is the Only Constant. People change, feelings changes. As a Bazi consultant, I have met so many divorce cases and some of them may not have happened if they knew their destiny earlier on.

Malaysia divorce rate statistics. 2020 there were 184,589 marriages and 45,754 divorce. It’s 25% !

Lee Hom has divorced and the divorce was a painful one because not only there were loss of wealth but at the same time the wife has divulged many things about his personal life into the public. It happened in December of 2021.

It is no doubt even with a quick look, this is a good Destiny chart 命 without even considering the Luck 大运 cycles. This is why Chinese believe so much that having a good Destiny 命 is most important!

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We received a mail from a no name person with an email named Blindmaster. Obviously, this person is shy to reveal his true identity. In old China, when fighters go into a duel, they always introduce their true name, teacher’s name and their lineage because name is their honour. Nowadays people prefer to be anonymous. Below is what was written:

According to the Mang Pai school, the intention of this birth chart is to control wealth and he is probably destined to be a businessman, if I am not wrong. However, this person seems to have never dreamt of being a businessman and instead wants to be some sort of sage-like politician or some kind of military leader. How can I know whether this person is lying? Or is the problem something else? Bazi Consult seems to have solved a number of irregularities like this one. Can we have a discussion about this chart?

In the first place how can we have a discussion when we don’t even know your name ? Nonetheless, we can take this opportunity to share a little how Nature’s way look at this Bazi.

Misconception One

Just because this chart has much Water element, some times it is easily confused as Wealth Profile Bazi Chart. This is especially when the chart is considered to a Strong Day Master Chart by most Bazi schools, not limited to Mang Pai.

Misconception Two

If you look at this chart, you will know this chart belongs to a person with a strong personality and likes to control people and to some extent considered a possessive person. The person did not lie but rather he could not understand his own chart since there seems a disparity between theory and reality.

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Year 1992

The ability to read Bazi lies in when you do not know the person and yet you are able to tell something about their life. This is the real skills of Bazi Reading.

Bazi over the decades has attracted many people’s interest and thus no doubt some masters grew rich with Bazi from offering courses yet till today I sense many frustration with people who are students of Bazi yet struggling to read Bazi. Thus the only way out was to seek a consultation!

Here is a Bazi of a Man and he admitted that in 1992 some significant events happened to him. Perhaps you can try it out by answering the poll below.

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Russia – Ukraine War

A very unfortunate war that started in the February of Water Tiger (2022) year. Both are the victims of Western manipulation. Ukraine unfortunately became the sacrificial pond in this game. NATO stands true to it’s acronym, No Action, Talk Only. All they do is just send weapons and let the ponds of Ukraine to kill the Russians while they impose sanctions to incapacitate Russia.

The world needs stability as we are recovering from 2 years of pandemic. This war has send oil prices in the world rocketing sky high. If this is prolonged, I believe many countries will fall into stagflation.

Al Jazeera News.

However, I believe this year, Malaysia will be able to avoid stagflation since the stars are on our side.

Let’s take a look a Zelenskyy, Ukrainian President who rose from a comedian/actor to be a president.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ding 丁 fire person has ability to built fans and hence why he can attract popular support very quickly. From his Bazi, his decision making isn’t that great but he is a skillful person thus why he does well as an actor and comedian.

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