Twins BaZi

It is a controversy always when people ask about Twins especially when they try to reconcile their Bazi to reality.

I mean its normal that twins does have slightly different characters and outcome in life. Thus modern practitioners tries hard to find an answer to accommodate the difference in the outcome. One of the popular theory that took wave is the notion that the younger twins should be given an earlier Chinese hour.

For example, if the twin was born at 10am while the second twin was born say some minutes later (assuming natural birth), then the first twin will have born in the hour of Si 巳 while the younger twin will be assigned the earlier hour of Chen 辰.

For those not familiar with Chinese hour system, Si or Snake hour is between 9am to 10:59am. Before Si hour is the Chen hour or Dragon hour which is between 7am to 8:59am.

But Why?

However, this new theory contradicts traditional rules of Bazi which says your birth hour is the hour of birth. Thus if you are born in the Si hour, thus you will be having a Si in your hour pillar. What is the rational then of pushing the younger twin one Chinese hour earlier.?

If the case were to be like this,, I can rational the difference in Chinese hour of birth but to force the second child to have a different hour is perhaps something that needs to be reviewed.

All About Reconciliation ?

Thus, is it all that this new theory is trying to accommodate or explain the difference in outcome in life for the twins?

Perhaps there are other reasons to this differences? In my opinion, yes! and there are, both from within the field of Bazi as well as beyond Bazi.

Within Bazi

Who you marry makes a difference in our lives. Back in the old days and even to some extent today, parents take a reading on the potential son or daughter in law to see if they will prosper or harm the their child.

This can be read from Bazi. It means both twins one marries Adam while the other marries Steve will have different outcome in life. So how can that be? Let’s say Adam was born with a rich Bazi thus first twin will live in a richer environment after marriage compared to Steve the average guy but Steve has a prosper wife Bazi, thus the second twin will see better career prospect compared to the first twin where Adam has a Bazi that indicated barren.

The result in life is first twin enjoy money, a house wife and childless while second twin has a average husband, sees career progress and have 2 lovely kids. Get the picture?

Beyond Bazi

I am also a Feng Shui practitioner unlike some others who are purely a Bazi practitioner. Feng Shui can also influence the outcome of our lives. Twins may sleep in different rooms or different bed directions or study in different table directions, will have different feng shui effects. While I know many who do not believe in Feng Shui, nonetheless we cannot deny its existence just like we cannot deny gravity though some believe “they can fly”.

What about Yin or ancestral Feng Shui? Some yin Feng Shui prosper second family thus the younger twin will have better benefits from the Feng Shui of their ancestors. I have seen several cases of such.

Twins may have different circle of friends and we all know environment and friends do have influences on us. How can we deny this? When they grow up they get employed by different companies and thus will also have different environment. Then again different environment produce different experience. Experience influences our decisions. How one women’s confidence toward male can be for example, will be largely different between a rape victim and the luckier ones. Experience shapes us!

Human has something most plants and animal does not have and that is the ability to make decisions. Every decision we make, has an impact on our future. Destiny is like a white piece of predetermined size of cloth. We decide what we will paint on that piece of cloth so long it is within the boundaries of that cloth.

Let’s Re-concile

While twins may be a close duplicate, they are not the same. Bazi is about a macro view and not a tool to read every single detail of our destiny. I believe it was not Heaven’s will to allow us to go to that level thus no need to get paranoid over the minute details. Live life, re-shape our life through understanding our own Bazi.

With some many factors influencing us every minute of the day, how can the outcome of life remains constant over a lifetime. To ignore these realities is to make life limited within the scope of Bazi and mislead mankind.

From my personal lens, this is how I have viewed life and destiny.


p/s: Science has new evidence to support my views.


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