All Within The Same Major Luck

Ahok Major Luck BaZi Chart Analysis

Ahok or his real name Basuki Tjahaja Purnama was born on 29 June 1966. However the hour of birth is unknown.

He is a politician and was promoted to Gabenor of Jakarta under President Joko Widodo or better known as Jokowi.

Since 2009 he entered the luck of Ji Hai 己亥. thus far 3 major things happened, become Gobenor of Jakarta, jailed of alleged blasphemy and wife had affair since 7 years ago (circa 2010). This year he filed for divorce.

Fu Yin

He became Gabenor of Jakarta in 2014, the year of Jia Wu 甲午. Jia Wu was a repeat of his month pillar. In Bazi school it is called Fu Yin. Fu Yin is said to be bad in any Bazi but who knows, things may change in the future after some masters read this case.

Then he was involved in a blasphemy case where he was addressing a crowd back in Nov 2016 (Bing Shen 丙申) and in 2017 (Ding You 丁酉)he was trialed and found guilty and sentenced to 2 years in prison in the month of May 2017.

All In the Same Major Luck (大运) Pillar

All these happened in the same major luck pillar. In the art of Bazi reading, Major luck cycle is considered as one significant part that could affect the Luck cycle of a person. Each major luck last for 10 years. In Ahok’s case, one would like to make sense of Major Luck’s influence within the art of Bazi reading and how does an Annual luck (also known as small luck cycle) play their role.

In my years of Bazi Consulting, I have seen people who became millionaire in one major luck cycle as well some who has lost a huge chunk of their wealth in one major luck cycle.

Isn’t it if one is in a good Major Luck cycle, shouldn’t it be only good news and no bad news and vice versa? No! is my answer. The reason is because the luck influences each part of your life differently. Example, while you may do well in Career, there are other areas that one may not do well and this is dependent on how the Major Luck pillar reacts with the Natal Chart.

The Other Influence…

Do remember that each Luck cycle spans 10 years. In this ten years, there will be 10 accompanying year pillar. How this annual reacts with the major luck pillar as well as natal chart can sometimes overturn a bad situation or cause a person to encounter a mishap.

In Ahok case why is the year of Jia Wu 甲午 is favourable to him? Jia 甲 is the Officer 正官 to the Ji 己 earth day master. Thus the arrival of Jia is important to help him rise in status.

Then 2017, the year of Ding You, Ding is the element of Resource or to Ahok. However, Fire is already very strong in his chart, the coming of another fire, charred the earth, thus this is not a good year to Ahok.

This leads to a few questions that I would like to raise to readers,

  1. Is Fan Yin / Fu Yin a valid way of reading Bazi or being used as a reason to justify a bad event?
  2. Does It mean that a good Major Luck will mean good in all aspects of life?
  3. Can the role of Yearly Luck change an outcome by many folds?

These are questions that are pertinent to BaZi readers to ponder upon because an understanding of these fundamentals will improve the chance to improve upon destiny.



4 thoughts on “All Within The Same Major Luck”

  1. I saw some bazi expert say when FU YIN comes to a strong day Master, that will bring bad luck to him.
    Year 2014 is Jia Wu, logically it is bad for him, in fact he was officially appointed governor for Jakarta. At that time he wan entering JI HAI which is WINTER LUCK PIllar, as Ahok has no Water, then this WINTER luck Pillar had balanced the excessive FIRE.
    So the theory about Fu Yin for strong day Master must be refined within his Luck Pillar.
    Year 2016 is Bing Shen, and Shen Monkey attacked his Hai Pig Luck Pillar into LIU HAI, a back-stabbing situation, he was accused of Blesphemy which he never meant it.
    I assumed he was born during Mao-Rabbit hour (??) that made him very prominent in power/Authority (during JI HAI Luck Pillar), but in 2017 the DIng You year, his Rabbit was clashed by the Rooster that forced him to leave his Governor status.
    By 2019 when he was released from Prison, he will again meet FU YIN to his Luck Pillar – if the above refined Fu Yin theory is true, then he will rise again.

    1. We have doubts about the Fan Fu Yin theory. From the 3 pillars seems that 2019 will not be a fruitful year for him (not due to Fu Yin) but rather 2020 is better.

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