BaZi Learning

Here is a BaZi chart of a young man named PJ. Many students of BaZi will it difficult to start reading a BaZi. Why?

After all the books and study, the big questions now is how do we apply into reading? This is always the most frustrating part of Bazi reading and also the reason why many gave up reading. “Better to pay someone to read and later I can ask some technical questions” is usually at the back of their mind.

Well it doesn’t work this way because there are many schools of Bazi Astrology, my dear! You may end up more confused.


–                         乙.            甲

–              未.          亥.            子

The, a little more senior would first try to read the Ding 丁 Fire Day Master, try to figure out if he is strong or a weak Day Master. Then they will probably see, if the Day Master is strong, then his favourable elements will be Output (Eating God or Hurting Officer) and Wealth (Direct or Indirect Wealth). If the Day master is classified as Weak or called a Weak Day Master, then the favourable element will be Resource or Parallel (Friends or Rob Wealth). Officer will somehow be dependent if it is to be classified as favourable or otherwise.

Then what? Well, probably trying to read out what Direct Officer is, 7 Killing is, etc… It is very difficult to tell if this chart is a good or bad grade of chart. Students gets very stressed up because to decide the few factors above is already an uphill task, what more to tell if this man is going to be rich or otherwise.

The above is approximately what most of the schools in the world teaches in BaZi classes with some minor differences. This is no wonder why many students eventually give up BaZi and convert to using other supplementary method to read a person’s destiny. The current popular supplementary method is Qi Men Dun Jia BaZi.

Some switched to Purple Star Astrology. I acknowledge that Bazi is not an easy subject and the reason is very simple. We are dealing with human destiny and destiny can be influenced by various factors such as feng shui, human decision from the free will (human inherent complex characters), world or regional conditions and circumstances.

If the end result is so complicated, how can the art of deciphering be that easy?

As a teacher in the subject of BaZi, I encourage students to master the art of BaZi and reduce their reliance from using supplementary method. The path to mastery of any subject is never easy but if one gets to used to mixing method, then the chances of attaining mastery is difficult. Qi Men Dun Jia has limitation in telling a person’s destiny simply because it was never designed to be used for destiny analysis.

So is BaZi that difficult to read? It is not that difficult if one knows the correct methodology. However, mastery of Bazi Astrology will take some time, this is reality. In the future, I will share some way on the objective of Bazi reading how to read a Bazi.

甲子 – Alan


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