Korean Presidency

While cleaning up the page, I stumbled and old draft that has slipped my mind for more than one half years. The Korean Presidency has been in a series of scandal one after another. Is it a cultural thing or was it due to the other factors?

The most recent problem fell on to the first women president South Korea ever had. Let’s take a look at her Bazi and see what we get out of it.

Park Geun Hye 2/2/52 Pig hour (to be verified)

She is the 11th president of South Korea and the first women President in 2013 Gui Wei 癸未. Here is her BaZi Chart.


癸。      戊。     辛      辛。      戊。       

亥。      寅。     丑。      卯。      。       

President of South Korea why was she was embroiled in a scandal caused by her friend that lead to her impeachment.?

It was in the year of the Fire Rooster 丁酉, 2017, she was impeached and pending trial. On 6 April 2018, South Korean courts sentenced Park to 24 years in prison which was later increased to 25 years. Park is currently imprisoned at Seoul Detention Center.

If one were to access her Bazi, one will see why she is able to hold the position of a president. With so many noble elements indicates very quickly she has a good Bazi. Thus true to the Chinese saying 1. Destiny 2. Luck 3. Feng Shui….,

With a good Bazi or natal chart, she will be able succeed in life. Thus I am not surprised that she can make it big in life. If one does not have a good destiny, one can work 24/7 yet the results can be mediocre.

Here is why :

Wu 戊 Day Master born in the end of Winter, her chart has many Metal elements which is the Output element, Water element as her Wealth and Wood element as her Authority or Power. As you may see she has all the elements in her chart.

The Presidency in 2013

She may rise to power in the year of Gui Si 癸巳 the forming of Si+Shen 巳+申 water structure. Water produce Wood (Authority) from the Hai+Yin 亥+寅 combination.

Impeachment 2017

The main problem for her problems is her friend which is represented by Wu 戊 earth which is already present in her Luck cycle.

What then caused here downfall? I think it is human greed, partly Feng Shui and partly Luck. She is into the major luck of Wu Shen 戊申 in 2012 and 2017 is the annual luck of Ding You 丁酉.

When wood element is weakened by the Clash from Shen 申 and You 酉, her parallel or Rob Wealth 戊 is free to cause problems to her already strong earth chart. When Alternative Stamp 偏印, 丁 see Eating God 食神, 辛, this can be read as disaster coming to the chart and one of it means freedom curtailed.

These are just some simpler illustration of her chart. Students should give it a more detail reading and inspection.

Further to that, the Blue House where they house the president of South Korea is seems not having good Feng Shui, you can read more about it in my Feng shui blog here….


3 thoughts on “Korean Presidency”

      1. Si+Shen 巳+申 structure could mean a situation or relationship where things go from good to bad, or from bad to good. A business partnership or a position that was great at the beginning, but turned ugly.
        Also, good or bad Feng Shui of the South Korean Blue House is very significant.

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